Jobs rank to use in solo rank match


1- War (by far is the best job to play in solo match: high dps, good self healing, high hp. You alone can basic win a match.)
2- Mnk (to good against sch and smn)
3- Nin and Drg
4- Pld (Really hard to kill so if you grab the coins high chance to win and stuns)
5- Mch (is not ahead because ppl will focus on you most of the time)
6- Smn (very useful against Ast in noc if ppl don’t purify, but bad against monk)
7- Ast (you can’t kill but the insta shield help ppl stay alive for more time)
8- Whm (Sleep is really good but the chance of someone hit is to high, good pvp skill)
9- Bard (can interrupt casters)
10- Blm (same as Whm, but they will focus on you)
11- Sch and Drk (well sch with monk if he know how to play bye bye, Drk both other tanks is way more better)

The reason I put in this way is because you are not playing with a premade or with voice comms. So is a rng group and you have a chance to play with who never pvp before. If you have any suggestions you can say.

I can’t speak much for WAR’s that have been on my team because I didn’t pay much attention to them, but as far as for the other team they have seemed pretty negligible (though maybe it’s because I play melee dps and am left alone most times). Plds who use their utility moves to a good extent have made much more of an impact on both teams in games I’ve played.

As for SCH, they do need some kind of rework. You don’t even have to be a good MNK to shut them down if they’re not too experienced, I just throw 1IP into my combos and it doesn’t seem to matter much what else I do, that is enough.

I agree with the rest though. MCH makes a great ranged since they can at least pump out a strong burst while running away with Rapid Fire. I’ve seen a few blms do solid, but the game as a whole doesn’t seem to play up to their strengths really.

The pvp war fell cleave can hit more than 4K plus some of their skill can crit with +1k. Most of the healers have less than 10k because they didn’t use vit acc. I use than but is more hard to live stay alive from a double fell cleave from a war that kwon how to pvp than a lb.

Well the easy healer class to play against a smn is whm, medica plus reagen make smn dots easy to play against. In the start they have my ds up so is not bad. Plus Sacred Prism is the best healer pvp skill. The way how sprint work, play as a sch is hard in long fight. I’m not saying that sch is bad, but your group is with random classes and with random players they can be good or bad. So sch is really bad in the most of cases. That’s why i put in last place, when the fight is long is very hard to keep ppl alive.

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