Korean MMO Black Desert Online Is Finally Out Next Month

The speed at which MMO’s make it from Korea to the west is painfully slow. In fact, it’s often slower than the in-game grind itself which typically sucks up much of your time. One in particular that we’ve been waiting on for a while is Black Desert Online. This one stands out from the crowd you see, because it looks absolutely lovely, in a genre populated by the visual offspring of a downtrodden ogre and lusty kobold. So at least you’ll have something great to look at while you’re slaying your thousandth mana wyrm.

The long wait for it to launch is now nearly over though, and Black Desert Online will finally be coming our way in March. Before then there’s also time to squeeze in a closed beta test which is set to run from February 18th to the 22nd, and you can apply to join that now.

Black Desert Online will be buy-to-play, much like The Elder Scrolls Online has become. So you just need to grab a copy and then it’s subscription-free forever. I’ve been watching plenty of footage and it’s certainly much more action-based than we’ve come to expect from typical MMOs. You can leap about the environments and actually climb things, Assassin’s Creed style, while the impressive game engine allows for some large-scale castle siege battles for those into their PvP.

There’s a trio of purchase options for those who want to pre-purchase, ranging from $30 for the base Traveler’s package up to $100 for the Conquer’s package. Each comes with a different set of in-game bonuses, including mounts, housing tokens and skill resets. I’m not a fan of this but the more you pay the earlier you can access the main game, as well as the $100 tier guaranteeing you entry to the closed beta test.

If you’re at all interested then the character creation tool is available for everyone to have a mess around with right now. It’s a free download and it really is quite powerful, possibly with more customisation than we’ve seen in just about any game ever. Every single minute detail can be tweaked as you see fit, including the individual bone structures. From everything I’ve seen it just seems a flimsy excuse for a bit of digital purving.

Black Desert Online is launching in the west on March 3rd.

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