Lets nerf WAR

This is as much a social experiment as it is a suggestion.

There are currently multiple metric fucktons of PLD buffing threads littering this forum (for my part, literally the only buff I wanna see for PLD is lengthening the Halone debuff to allow you to maintain it with Goring Blade and still be able to use Royal Authority. But that’s a nitpick more than anything.)

I haven’t seen anything about nerfing WAR. It seems like this would solve so many issues, as PLD only seems weak in comparison, and DRK is only marginally ahead of PLD in DPS (DRK is my main) and arguably, I suppose, in mitigation. It would not take a large buff to PLD to have them overtake DRK, and then have DRK be the black sheep, and if they buffed DRK, it would just make PLDs cry harder. There’s really no reason for WAR to be so OP. And it totally is. And the people who like that are probably the first to suggest against buffing either of the other tanks and the mentality is pretty much “haha, yeah its great isn’t it!?”, with no reasonable sense for how the excesses of their job are unbalancing the game and making the other tanks struggle to keep up. So I realize that this thread will likely not be well received. But I just wanted to throw it out there.

Its mitigations, if played correctly, are equal to the other tanks (I actually believe this is the one area where the tanks are pretty equal, all things considered) whilst it is able to stance dance with far less cost, has a much higher DPS ceiling, and just generally discourages the use of any other tank barring DRK which is brought along almost grudgingly at times it seems. If only double WAR didn’t gimp the LB gauge! It can do anything the others do and do more damage while doing it, and damage is the holy grail in this game (although that’s poor raid design as much as anything, and that has been discussed at length in this forum as well).

As I said, the people that love WAR’s brokenness are the first to say “no leave it like it is”, generally speaking. But really it would solve so many issues to just bring them down a notch. If its a matter of meeting enrages, again, raid design is an issue, they could lighten the DPS check by .1 of a % and have it be fine. Just design fights with a theoretical nerf in mind. Utility is great on WAR even though Storm’s Path is its sole raid utility. DRK is roughly equal since Delirium+Reprisal even with Reprisal’s partial uptime is a tie with Path in my book. PLD’s utilities are really, again, just suffering from raid design.

Yoshi P. has said that the next raid tier will be more physical, which means WAR will still be ridiculously OP, but people will just bring PLD (maybe) instead of DRK.

So how about nerfing WAR just a bit? Make it so DRK/PLD compositions aren’t laughed at (although on my server (Diabolos) at least, such compositions are making it past A2S at least, as far as I know), and you have options in composition and WARs aren’t Mercy Stroking the entire raid with their e-peen every time they turn around to reposition the boss.

Here are some ideas, just spit balling, they’re probably horrible, but I don’t think they’d drastically change the playstyle of the job.

1. No Wrath/Abandon Stacks from second-tier combo abilities (Maim and Skull Sunder), just from combo enders, just like Greased Lightning on MNK. For flexibility’s sake, keep the stacks granted by Vengeance and Berserk though and leaving Infuriate as-is.

2. Inner Beast damage nerf. There’s zero reason for an ability that is a self heal and 20% damage mitigation that is usable several times a minute to also have 300 potency of damage on it. 200 potency sounds more reasonable and I feel like even that is generous.

3. SLIGHT nerf to Maim or Unchained. I get that WAR has a high degree of offensive CDs because it has lower potencies and almost no off-GCD dps, but one of them needs a nerf. Either a recast time increase or slight (like 5-10%) damage nerf. Combined with Internal Release and Berserk its just a silly amount of free damage CDs they have, and their potencies aren’t THAT much lower. Maybe make Berserk’s pacification incurable.

4. Increase Defiance/Deliverance recast to 20-30s. The ease of stance dancing and being off-GCD is an integral part of the job, but make WARs think about it a bit more before they make the switch.

5. Nerf Equilibrium in Deliverance to 100 TP. Someone told me once how long a WAR OT takes to TP floor. I don’t remember the number, but it was insane. They shouldn’t have such an unequivocal advantage over every other job in the game that uses TP.

6. Adjust the potency of the combos so that WAR’s aggro combo is no longer its highest potency, or at least is tied with one of the others. This is actually a big one. WAR directly screws with the other tanks’ ability to stance-dance because both of the other tanks suffer a pretty harsh DPS loss, particularly DRK, by using their enmity combo. So i.e. if you’re DRK, tanking with grit off, and your WAR is your OT DPSing, you have to alter your rotation to babysit their enmity, which is simply shitty. Change this, for sure.

In lieu of no. 2 and no. 3, defensive nerfs could be made, since apparently DPS is “part of WAR’s utility” … -_- cmon now. Giving the single most important thing to the raiding community to one job, and a ton of it, and not the other jobs of its type, and calling it utility? Eh.

1. Increase Vengeance and/or Thrill of Battle recast to 150s. Still less than Sentinel and Bulwark and Shadow Wall but not so short that its ridiculous (120s for what these abilities do is a little much).

2. Nerf Inner Beast damage reduction to 15% or something, or remove the self-heal.

TL;DR I really only made this thread as a counterpoint to all the BUFF PLD!!!! threads. I haven’t bought an engagement ring for any of these ideas nor do I believe that they are all necessarily well-thought-out, and I definitely don’t believe it needs all 8 of these nerfs. But WAR is pretty broken imo. I feel like none of these nerfs are too detrimental by themselves and if taken in the context of where the other tanks are standing in terms of usage and progression, dps/mitigation/utility etc, would be very balancing.

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