Let’s talk about the free trial

I feel the free trial needs to be reworked in some areas, I don’t feel it gives people a good idea on how the game works, it’s more like, a very limited summary, almost like the cliff notes version. The main purpose of it is to grab players attention and obtain a sub within 90 days, now I been running around on a trial character on my new system for about 3 days, and I have the feeling of immense loneliness as this alt.

I can’t talk to really anyone, tells, yell and shouts are disabled because RMT. I can’t create FCs or join one, I can’t create a LS only join, parties can’t be started only invited, and I can’t use mog mail. So looking at this as a new trial player, my main way of talking with players is through say or a player sends me a LS or party invite. This seems more harmful to new players, you can’t really make friends, the subbed players really have to be the ones looking for new people and initiate all formalities. Which makes me wonder if people are developing bad habits and antisocial feelings early in the game because it almost takes away all form of community and conversation.

Another issue I’ve noticed and I’m pretty sure this is because of RMT, is I can’t even use the MB or a retainer. So as a potential player, not being able to see what the server looks like in terms of market prices and whether or not they’re stable, would leave a rather empty feeling in my experience.

So then we have the level cap at 35, well that’s a good place to cap, but remember a new player can’t talk really to anyone, so you as new player can’t really reach out and ask for any advice if you’re struggling. Given that 35 leaves you off at Brayflox, that can be a tough dungeon to run through if you are not at a decent understanding of your class. Now all this zero player interactions so far could be in part of the fact I’m on Jenova and I’m not even in the mentor channel, which is something I don’t even know a demo players can access.

Lastly is the size of the demo, it’s a 22 gig give or take download, I went through steam and it downloaded 8.5 gigs off steam and then the game launcher had to patch 15 gigs of content into it. Now I don’t know why 15 gigs of patches is need up to level 35, but it was downloading patches from late 2015 and early this year. That part just seemed a bit odd and bit obsessive given I think those were just QoL adjustments, but I’m not sure on that.

But if I had to say would I sub to this game based off my run in with the demo? I’d say no, maybe if I was put in a demo world with other players, then yes. But as it is now, it doesn’t even feel like the game I play, it almost feels like a game that has been abandoned. Which isn’t the idea behind a demo, it’s supposed to sink me into the games world and let me experience a little bit of everything, instead I’m wondering how new players can even deal with the barebones they get.

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