[LFM] [FC] [C/SC/MC] [Excalibur] Don’t Panic is recruiting!

Don’t Panic is an extremely friendly free company. We have been active for two and half years and counting! I take a lot of pride in running this FC, and have made so many amazing friends through it since its inception. We are filled with members always willing to help. From primal fights, to coil clears, to impromptu rave nights, we have helped many members achieve their dreams in Eorzea.

We are a positive minded FC with a large house in the Mist, fully furnished with a party-ready basement. We have between 20-40 active members per day with over 160 members total. We are very friendly and try to plan social events, which in the past have included EX Primal Clears, PvP nights, games nights, movie nights, dance rave nights (with the whole server), beach parties, Cards Against Humanity, as well as various seasonal events & parties which everyone in the FC looks forward to.

As long as you can respect one another for who they are as an individual, we welcome everyone and anyone, be it casual, mid-core or hardcore, crafters, gatherers and raiders. Most of our members are very friendly and social, and we’re always looking to add to the family. There is always someone willing to help – even if you are in the lower levels, including those still progressing through 2.x content.

Some additional benefits of being a member of Don’t Panic include:
FC TeamSpeak server available for use, as well as a Facebook group we communicate through
4 company airships
24/7 Heat of Battle II and Meat and Mead II
Many experienced members
FC social events
Chocobo stables and open garden beds for any members
FC Workshop with active projects
Multiple high-end crafters & gatherers
Panic internet radio station (via TeamSpeak)
FC funded private room

Our motto is come for the friends, not the benefits. All of us in Don’t Panic love this game as much as you do and are always willing to look out for the people not so familiar to the game.

If you think Don’t Panic sounds like just the place for you, then we would love to have you! There’s never any pressure to stay, so just drop us an application and come see for yourself. We are located at the Mist Ward 7, Plot 15 if you want to visit us that way too.
For any other inquiries, please contact Lissane Light or Roxas Keyheart in game. One of us is generally always online and we would love to hear from you.

Here are some other members you can contact if you need an invite, or feel free to submit an application:
Justice Reborn
Akira Yukio
Vanquished Light
Tayoshi Ven
Sophia Petrovna
Jackand Coke
Longsun Zhao

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