Little delay really worsening FFXIV experience

Sadly I couldn’t really find out if this behaviour is normal or not but considering how some abilities are reacting I doubt that it is normal:
Basically I have a short delay after every attack and after killing an enemy that does not allow effects of other attacks to work properly.

For example as blackmage, casting fire 3 right after blizzard 3 will not give me the speed bonus (umbral to astral). I have to wait half to one whole second till the speed bonus kicks in, even though I already see the status and animation on the screen.
Similar, a fire right after a fire 3 will sometimes not get the additional damage bonus if I cast it really right away. Same with flare after fire 3.

Where I also see that delay kicking in badly is during raids as bard. After killing the last enemy of an area, swiftsong will stay inactive for up to 2 seconds. Other bards might already have put theirs on but I still couldn’t even click on the button. Or sometimes it goes active instantly after a kill, I click it, start the casting of the song and suddenly it’s inactive again, causing an interrupt of the casting and telling me that I cannot use this during a battle even though all enemies are killed. Waiting another two seconds, the button gets active again and I can now cast it but by that time all my party members are already out of the area to affect them.
This behaviour here really shows me that there is something wrong on my end of the line. If other people are able to use certain abilities while I cannot due to the system not allowing me to use them.

It’s just a short delay of a about a second but that delay really worsens my play experience and I wonder if there one day will be a solution to this.
I experience that since the launch of FFXIV ARR and with the higher paced battles it just gets more and more obvious that there’s something really wrong.

Thanks for the quick answer!

Hmm.. latency doesn’t seem to be a problem here. Gathered data for four hours and I’m getting solid 111 to 116 ms right now with no packet loss at all.

Framerate was and is always solid, movements of other players too. No ‘warping’ or sudden dis-/ and reappearings.

Plus I doubt my ISP would do anything for just one person having some little problem with a ‘little game he likes to play’. Already dealt with their support, it’s crappy. It’s one of the two biggest ISPs here in this country, but sadly the only one I can use in my current apartment :<

Still think some of these mechanics could be handled client wise in FFXIV without having to relay on the server to confirm every single ability use.

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