Main dps healer

well i must admit im still in arr content, but ive done up to wanderer’s palace, and my scholar is only level 46, whm level 56, I havent played astro yet , but I mean the reason scholar but ive ran alot of dungeons in my short time of playing the game and Id say that each healer seems to be equal , my main thing with whm for me is the mp issue that ive seen in other threads, I need to have my mp at least 75 percent before a boss pull where as with scholar with the fairy doing a good bit of healing I can have like half mp and be fine , but im fairly new but whm is my fav class , there is another thread saying that they would like to be able to use stone skin two in battle and maybe that would help with some of the mitigation

I liked your first point , main dps healer , would it be to over powered if they just removed cleric and put the damage somewhere in the middle of what is when ur not in cleric and what it would be with it on , I def feel like its easier to be i cleric as a scholar than it is whm simply cause u get free heals, sometimes with whm its best to not even switch at all and just simply heal

Almost always you see WHM in progression groups. Sure, once you have the fight on farm you can bring in an AST, but WHM offers this extremely good safety net in case things go wrong (which in progression they typically do.) Cure III is an incredibly powerful aoe heal that is overlooked due to lack of coordination imo. Sure, support is lacking, but its nice for learning. The solo-heal ability is also really good for getting extra dps out of your co-healer. Ast can solo heal too but it requires more effort and cooperation from the group than WHM.

The main issue I have with WHM is their accuracy requirements for ANY dps. AST and SCH both have dots that do not require accuracy, whereas WHM lacks both the accuracy exemption and the MP to recast if you miss. It’s an unfortunate situation for all healers but WHM feels it the most. Other than that their MP regen is pretty bad yeah, but it’s gotten a lot better with assize.

In terms of changes, I want shroud to have a longer duration, just a second or two, just to help improve our MP regen a bit more. In terms of support maybe just add a aoe defense boost for 10 seconds on an ogcd. They really don’t need much, their position is the learning healer and nothing can remove them from that.

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