Main Scenario Restriction Bloodstorm – Very Very Bad idea

Two days ago Yoshida-Sama Says about restriction to enter a Bloodstorm – We have to complete a Main Scenario form A realm reborn and Heavensward. I Really love this game but also i’m a leader of Free Company and i see how many people bounce from this game because first 50 lvl are birring and arenas form A realm Reborn are empty. Now i have to tell my new players they have to make 400 main scenario quest and spend almost 300 hours to do it to reach content with all players want.

Sorry for that but i have to say it: Are you Fu… Kidding me?! Yoshida! Expansion is the best moment to reach new players – they must have options to reach new content as possible and play together with us because if they will be leave in central shroud alone they will just leave the game.

MAKE FINAL FANTASY XIV GREAT AGAIN and make possibility to start game form lvl 60 with all main scenario for people who buy Bloodstorm.

I need new players in Free Company, they watch my Stream and they like raids, hi-end dungeons and all content what i do. But they play first 30 days and that just boring to make main scenario. I try to find why they do that even if we help them and force to play with us, and i start new characters and i can tell one – most low lvl quest are boring, locations are empty, no one do any fates, for dungeons i wait more than 40 min and i stuck on 42 lvl and don’t have any motivation to do more, because i know how many quests and grind i have to do to reach lvl 60.

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