MNK looking for FFXIV FC/LS for PST raid times

With the expansion coming very soon, I am setting out to actually raid. I took it pretty casually in ARR, and would like to step it up a notch. This means I may have to leave my current FC/server, but if it means aligning with my goals for HW, then sadly, it’s what I have to do. I cleared up to t10 for ARR reference.

I spent the majority of ARR as a NIN once it was released, and have completed the NIN zeta. After the Letter from the Producer yesterday, my heart is set on MNK, which I was playing prior to NIN release. I’m also very interested in Machinist, and willing to conform to the group if needed.

I have raided heavily in WoW prior to this, tapering off in Cataclysm. I like to think of myself as a solid raid member, able to pick up on mechanics quickly, and putting in the leg work prior to new encounters. I didn’t take the time to prove myself in ARR, but am ready to commit for HW. I’m fairly laid back, always looking to improve, and eager to succeed.

I’m 30, married, and looking to avoid drama infested environments. My time is valuable, I want to use it as best as possible. Your time is valuable, I don’t want to waste it.
I have a good working headset, a stable internet connection, and hell, I even use WTFast because screw the routing I normally got through the game (also, mudras, what a difference). My PC is easily able to keep up, scoring extremely high on the benchmark, if that matters. I can use any voice comms required.

Currently on Leviathan, but absolutely willing to transfer if the fit is right. I acknowledge how difficult it is to meet my time requirements, and am willing to make it work. See below for availability.

Availability: All days except Thursdays, however prefer weekdays. Raid times have to be around 8 PM PST, 730 at the very earliest (11 & 1030 respectively EST).

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