More and Less: a suggestion thread

Alt title: a feeble attempt to cool things down a bit here.

One thing I see on the forums that turns into a mess is someone mentioning ideas that are seemingly beyond the scope of the dev team or that inevitable comparison to FFXI. A thought I had though, was what if we looked at the bits and pieces of the game that were done well, and request MORE content in that direction and LESS content that’s apparently been less than stellar.

In a sense this is meant to be part forum game and part suggestion thread. So the major rule here is to base your suggestions ONLY from what’s already been done in FFXIV. Although I’m unfamiliar with 1.x, I consider it to be a part of the game as well so bringing ideas executed there are valid with this rule. Debates are okay and great, just don’t resort to personal attacks or harassment.

To bring some examples of what I’m talking about to mind, I personally would like to see:

MORE Wanderer’s Palace and LESS Neverreap. Wanderer’s Palace is one of my favorite dungeons if only because the dungeon itself has a mechanic: the Tonberry stalkers. That sense of panic when your party runs into one going the “wrong” direction is great. Neverreap tried this with one stretch of the dungeon but tornados quickly became more of a nuisance than a threat.

MORE Cyclops/Diresaur mobs and LESS… Gastornis/Paissa/anything else. AoE indicators are nice when starting in the game. You get a sense for how the game works and how it’s possible to sidestep or go behind the enemy to dodge. But then Heavensward comes along and we’re still dealing with random trash, both in dungeons and out. Cyclops and Diresaurs for me are actually a breath of fresh air for me to run into because I’m not looking on the ground but at the enemy itself for how to dodge an attack. Even still, I’d like to see more mobs of different varieties that rely on players being observant instead of ground markers.

MORE Evenstar/Daystar Sets and LESS Hailstorm Gear. I don’t glamour gear, mostly because it’s just not a priority. But it’s a bit disheartening that most recent gear is copy-and-paste. Healers and casters get lumped into the same look, Tanks and dragoons (with the Hellfire is tanks and monk) get lumped together. At least with Evenstar and Daystar the casters and healers had some identity. Plus I actually liked the look as well. I’m not too crazy about gear that’s starting to cover less and less.

On a related note, MORE current glamour gear and LESS Lvl 1 glamour fodder. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m bothered by how so much of the current endgame gear is so unappealing that the devs go straight to lvl 1 gear for glamour options.

MORE original Relic quest and LESS atma phase duplicating. By the time I finished my original relic in 2.2/2.3 (whenever I had first subbed), I felt like I had earned it. Having to learn how to get past Ifrit and Garuda and Titan in the Hard Mode fights was something I enjoyed (admittedly, I was probably on the floor most of Titan). Doing the anima questline now though… I still feel like I’ve earned my Book of the Mad Queen, but in a completely different sense. It was just exhausting, not thrilling.

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