Interviews for Mu legend fans interest concerns

Just after given that Mu legend is nevertheless working on our actions against offensive players, Mu legend could not open the trade method. Mu legend will preserve you updated on this topic. To get a lot more information and for further investigation, it is temporarily impossible to register a brand new item in the auction house. Mu2zen ask these questions form mu legend and list for mu legend fans

Q: Will there be a technique to receive blue/ red imprints in-game as their benefits are enormous and are so pricey for their rng aspect?
A: I think this query left unanswered

Q: When ah/trade capabilities are going to be back?
A: There is currently no ETA, although both Alex and Jason mention that the dev team work day and evening plus the solution must arrive inside a matter of weeks and NOT weeks or months, needless to say, there might be an announcement as quickly as they may have news form dev team

Q: When the dc/lag challenge is going to be resolved? (that’s for NA servers)
A: They mention they’re hunting the logs and the disconnects is a concern that impacts the minority and not the majority of folks, they nonetheless attempt their greatest to fix whatever is the fears that result in the disconnects currently

Q: When the fps drops challenge is going to be resolved?
A: The fps concerns could come from lots of different motives like CPU/GPU/ compatibility or far more. However, they are aware the game is not optimized, and they’re going to hold overall improving performance throughout the beta (its nevertheless a beta)

Q: Will there be compensation taking into account we spend for platinum service but we lose some of its functions?
A: They’re discussing achievable compensation within the future, unless the bot/ah repair arrive there’s no point of payment, just, however.

Q: Do you plan to add PVP/PK to the game?
A: They may be not positive about pk, but PVP will come pretty quickly and contains different formats of PVP possible 3v3 5v5 10v10 and faction wars (my guess guild vs. guild)

Q: When new content is coming/ there’s a lack of content material at the moment
A: They said they do not believe there is a lack of content material taking into consideration how young the game is. However, they will be naturally loads of new content coming in the future like new dungeons (epic I believe) a lot of new characters next one particular is spellbinder and after that phantom/falcon warrior (i did not catch that undoubtedly)

Q: Will you update the cash shop with new costumes, particularly Christmas costumes, bikini blader?
A: There might be loads of new costumes/mounts and so on and yes there might be Christmas costumes, even though no bikini blader costume for now


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