My suggestion for FFXIV PLD changes

First off let me open by saying, I know a change like this is highly unlikely for SE to implement, not mid expansion anyway, but here’s my suggestion. Humor me a little.

This proposed change will accomplish few things. It will give Paladin more of an active mitigation role and will make Paladin more spell-centric by giving them more spells to work with.

1. Give PLD stacking buffs from their combo, similar to WAR. Let’s call it Justice. Casting spell uses up all Justice stacks.
When Paladin does any of their 123 combo, it gives them 1 Justice stacks.
Justice: Decreases next spell cast time by 5% and Decreases next spell MP cost by 5% per stacks.
When Justice reaches 5 stacks: Next spell cast is instant and the MP cost reduced by 50%.
Paladin can use this with the already existing spell like Clemency and Stoneskin.
Flash does not benefit from this, nor does it uses Justice stacks.

2. PLD gets more spell to go with the Justice system. Here are some:
–All the following spells have 3 seconds cast and 20~% MP cost–
Smite: Deals holy damage with a potency of 300 to a target and enemies around it. Removes Justice.
Aquaveil: Creates a barrier that nullifies magic damage totalling up to 20% of maximum HP. 50% of any damage nullified will be converted to healing the Paladin.
Exorcism: Deals holy damage with a potency of 100. Additional effect: Holy damage over time. Pontecy 40. Duration 30s.
Holy Sanctuary: Creates a designated area in which party members will have damage taken reduced by 10%. Additional effect: Deals damage to enemies who enter the sanctuary. Potency: 30. Duration: 15s.

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