Need some help in finding useful parsing comparisons for AST…

So I had a thought to measure benefit of AST buffs vs. WHM DPS vs. SCH DPS…

I don’t have a DPS meter or the necessary classes leveled to 60 yet, but can someone test the following?

In ilev 150-180 (as long as it’s consistent) I’d like to know the following values:

-Ideal BLM DPS with ilev 150-180 (ideal being ready to unload a full MP bar of fire spells) with the 10% damage or attack speed buff for 15sec (can also be another DPS class if you feel it would make a better comparison)

-With the same ilev, ideal SCH DPS for 30 sec (with and without Selene speed buff)

-With the same ilev, ideal WHM DPS for 30 sec

I want to try to determine how much extra DPS an AST is bringing to a party, assuming a 34% chance to boost that BLM’s damage by 10% every 30 seconds with 2 cards in the pool that can do that.

Though much harder to test, I’d also like to see how much extra damage we can get from an expanded RR for Balance/Arrow on the whole party vs. Selene’s buff.

These numbers would give us a better idea of whether or not we’re giving the AST a fair shake.

Does anyone have a way to get these values in game?

I was talking about 1st world clears and good static teams though. I’ve been farming bismark EX with my static and I can DPS in every phase, and trust me it does help a ton, especially with the green + blue dragon phase where the DPS can be tight if the dragons decide changing marks every time. I don’t give a **** about what happens in bad teams, SE doesn’t balance the game taking into account terrible players, stuff is balanced around what good players do, not around MT STR tank heroes or terribly inefficient players. 10k Damage from 4 dots is significant, it isn’t crap my ass, one DPS at most can go up to 900 or 1k DPS per second so having 4 DPS at most would mean 4k DPS raid damage per second, a mere 2 dots from both healers equal more than 2 seconds of the damage of your entire raid , add those 2 dots 5-6 times and you are already pushing phases and going through stuff you wouldn’t even smell otherwise, but you are free to spam cures in a boss that is only autoattacking a tank that is already being offhealed by a couple of regens or a fairy.

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