Neverland is looking for a WAR/PLD/DRK – 3.4 Progression


We are a group of friends, who have been playing the game for over 2 years already. As a group, we are dedicated and passionate about what we do.

Raid Information:

– Flexibility on raid times.
– Being able to raid as much as possible during the first week of progression; until the content is down. Expecting 12 hours+
– On the regular content farm; our raid time starts from 6 GMT to 9/10 GMT. (Sometimes an hour earlier or later, depending on everybody’s working schedule.)
– Being open to speedruns after clearing content.

What is expected from you:

– Raid experience overall. Since the raid tier is over we would like you to have A8 down (knowledge of the fight is a minimum requirement). It would be plus if you did stuff like SCoB Savage when it was relevant/not brutforceable.
– Know your job. Keyword careertank, understand your limits and synergy with other jobs etc.
– Have a decent amount of knowledge regarding your parsing tool and FFlogs.
– Be able to support your team with informative techniques and open communication.

What we also care about:

– We have a very good and chill atmosphere so we don’t appreciate toxic behavior or selfish attitude.
– We expect all of our members to constantly improve with each pull.
– Be open to criticism, if necessary, and don’t be shy to speak up if something is weighting you down. Communicate your thoughts maturely.
– Voice communication is very important to us. TS3 is a Must.

Feel free to leave a reply here or send a tell ingame!

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