New class time?

Greetings all i am returning after an absence of 6 months and yet to finish the expansion storyline. Question I have is im tempted to level a warrior so far I have only played the paladin class and was wondering what some of the bigger differences are between it and warrior. The idea of a big ace has always interested me

Pretty much now warrior’s skill besides tanking, rests on effective stance dancing meaning dealing damage while tanking or the opposite ( we are not given a 500 potency skill for nothing). It takes confidence to do so though but this way besides being a tank you can unleash tons of damage as well.

Some key pros of warrior i can think of:
1) Tons of hp
2) Performs well in dungeons early on with 2 aoe aggro skills from level 12 (Flash + Overpower)
3) Self sustain with two standard self heals (IB + Storms Path) + Bloodbath which converts 25% of damage done into hp.
4) Mitigation skills as increasing hp by 25%, reducing damage taken x2 +1 skill with reflect.
5) Last but not least, the ability to deal high damage even though being a tank is huge for me.

There are many other things which you can come up while playing but i think i covered the basics.

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