Only Ice Crystals and Earth Crystals can be easily farmable in HW content?

Seriously? You can get the Ice and Earth Crystals easily from gathering points as they’re always there, but you can’t gather the other crystals just as easily in the HW content like the other two?


I mean you CAN get the other crystals from the old pre-HW content at their Level 50 nodes, but only half of the nodes have them instead of all the time like the Ice and Earth Crystals have.

Why is that? Why neglect the other crystals from being easily farmable in the HW content? I could see the Sea of Cloud place an excellent spot for Wind and Water Crystal to farm and then there’s that Dravanian Forelands place where the Dragon’s burial ground are that’s perfect for some Fire Crystal to grab and even the Helix could have farming spot.

True there’s the how Collective Abilities to desync items into the Crystals and Cluster, but I’m currently Level 54 on my Miner and would like to get some Crystals along the way to it.

Any one else thing they should add the rest of the crystals to gathering nodes in HW content as well aside from only the Ice and Earth Crystal ones?

Unless I missed something here and the other Crystals ARE in the HW content but only the Ice and Earth Gathering Log has them displayed up to Level 60 places and I have yet to see the others listed there as well which is odd as in the pre-HW the Log updated to show you the other places you can farm for mats. Did I overlook something or is there really just Ice and Earth? Even the Gamerescape site doesn’t have them listed anywhere in the HW content places.

Well I’m sending my Retainers out now for Crystals as I’m need a big chunk of them to crafting for my Company Deliveries to help level up my Crafting Classes.

Right now I have Miner at 54, Botanist at 52, and Fisher at 55. Slowly but surely getting to 60 for them. I’ve brunt out the Weekly Challenges for them, waiting on them for the next Company Deliveries and trying to get those HQ items. Sadly I also wasted my money for the crystals and Lv55 gear for my Gathering Classes so a little broke right now. I was curios if you can get the other Crystals from other nodes and just found it so strange that only Ice and Earth Crystals were the exceptional to this.

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