Original use of Hub I think is wrong

After the reading the original, and seeing the walk you guys took with the thought, I don’t think the original post used hub in the correct sense.

I think what he was saying/asking is for the next expansion to be centered around the main city-state that we are heading to (if that is how the story line is about to work).

I believe that what he is asking for (like in 3.0) for the central point of the story and the lands to be the city-state itself. Considering how the 2.0 city-states are setup and how both the 2.0 and the start of 3.0 have gone, I understand the request.

However, I also think that about the only way this request could be made a reality is if Ala Mingo is the 4.0 City-State, and it is also the last place we actually get to.

FFXIV Heavensward could not do this since we had already gotten to Coerthas and you could see Ishgard from Whitebrim Front and Stone Vigil.

I will say that what Brightshadow suggest would make for a potentially interesting story progression with the City-State being the end game map and 8 man end game dungeon.

Yeah I know that FFXIV Heavensward got close with the Vault but think for a second if an entire city-state (Ul’Dah possibility with the 3.0 story progression) was itself a dungeon where you had to fight (same city-state) from the Gate of the Sultana all the way through to the market and fight up the Steps of Thal to get the Royal Prommenade for the final Boss encounter to save the Sultana?

Sounds like an ass kicking good time to me…as long as they give us plenty of Brass Blades to kick the crap out of along the way.

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