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Blade And Soul Discussion & Suggestions 6 Player Dungeons


Often when playing with pick-up-groups some will try to skip as many “trash” mobs as they can, problem is if there were some lower level/less equipped chars in the group, especially if they can’t keep up with the rushers (or experience long loading screens), they get left behind. Aside from that, with those fire walls that come up during boss type fights, if you were a bit behind the rushers, boom, dead, not fun.

While there are those lazy pricks that do purposely leech from the efforts of others in pick-up-groups, I’d be willing to bet a good number of the people being accused of leeching were those that got fed up with the problems resulting from rushers, and just gave up even trying to keep up in frustration when they see they’re in a team with rushers. This makes it, at least in part, something of a self created problem by said rushers, and not just the fault of the accused leechers.

The Effect of Easy Mode Group Play:
Earlier level content in games is never going to be that hard, as players are still learning how to play, so difficulty will ramp up over time. Although, if you throw a party at the dungeon, especially if one, or more well equipped higher level chars are in the party, dungeons before the blue grade higher level ones are a joke, with bosses getting killed so fast, you never see all of their attack cycle. Result of this being that come later dungeons, that need competent players, we end up with a lot of dead weight being dragged around since they haven’t had to work for it much thus far with how they play. The solo story quests are really easy, and they button mashed their way through party dungeons, so can’t play their class well. They’re also under equipped as in their mad rush to level cap, they’ve let their equipment suffer, especially since it becomes considerably more costly to upgrade once you hit Moonwater equipment upgrades, and even worse for Silverfrost ones, a situation that has been exasperated by the rapid release of new content in our version.

Get rid of the killer fire walls that come up in dungeons meant to keep people in, and out of the boss fight area. If you want to block an area off so people can’t leave, or enter (although I don’t agree with the not being able to enter part), fine, just make it a non-lethal means.
Add solo versions of 6 player dungeons. With their high HP, adds, and damage, doing a party dungeon solo can be very slow, frustrating, or just not doable. Although with dungeons balanced for a solo run (ex: Dreadtide Arena), players looking to do so could get a more manageable, interesting, and challenging experience while still upgrading their equipment than the slow/painful/unmanageable solo experience of a party dungeon, or the lightning fast, effortless experience of doing many of them with a party. Short of those that are looking for the brainless easy mode option, this will result in at least more better equipped, competent players. More solo grade content like dungeons seem to get added as the player base of a game declines, and group content becomes harder to get going, but adding it earlier could also help encourage people to stick around, or come to the game in the first place.
Let us enter a dungeon solo through the cross-server lobby if we want to without having to first find a party.

Blade And Soul Issues and Why I’m Quitting

Yep, this is a rant but I’m basically just going to list off all the issues of this game and why it made it so depressing for me to even log in.
1. The bots. There’s bots in PvP, PvE, and gold selling bots. The Destroyer bots in PvP run scripts that make them nearly unbeatable. The gold selling bots are just extremely annoying and you don’t have enough spots to block them all so they don’t spam the chat, spam you with friend requests, and all that good stuff. Plus in PvE I’ve actually seen Destroyer bots teleporting across the map.

2. End game is extremely lacking and unrewarding, most of it being an immensely unbalanced grind. Dailies don’t reward enough, amount of materials needed for upgrades are too high, and the base cost for upgrades in gold are far too high as well.

3. The game constantly lags, whether it’s from latency or from FPS. I never had stable FPS running this game even on the lowest of settings with a Nvidia GTX GeForce 850M graphics card which has 2 GB of VRAM.

4. The grind, which was already somewhat mentioned. You have to pile such an absurd amount of hours into this game just to accomplish little to nothing that it’s absurd. There’s no balance, especially when you look at how quickly they’re putting out new content. The only way you could possibly be fully geared by the next content patch is by dumping 10 or more hours into the game a day or a ton of money.

5. The community for the most part is pretty unsavory, although not everyone I talked to was like that.

6. The balancing of classes is pretty bad at level 45, although I know the game wasn’t intended to be capped at 45 in the first place. It just makes PvP that much more difficult.

7. Having an item (Soulstone) that you can really only get from doing PvP, which is bad for three reasons. The game should either be geared toward PvP or PvE, you shouldn’t have to PvP in order to get an item for PvE progression. The balancing of classes at PvP is not the greatest, it’s pretty bad actually which makes getting soulstones that much more frustrating and complicated. You get virtually nothing but Destroyer bots in 1v1 and Summoner bots in 3v3. Destroyer bots are pretty much a direct counter to Assassin at level 45 and Summoner bots ruin 3v3 by turning it into 2v3 which isn’t exactly fun if they’re on your team. It isn’t even fun when they aren’t on your team because it makes the match incredibly easy and boring.

8. THE BOTS. The bots have been an issue for months, ever since the game released on launch day there was at least gold selling bots and now there’s the PvE and PvP Destroyer bots that I mentioned earlier. The fact that it’s been an issue for months and nothing has been done about it is sad.

9. End game as a whole is just extremely unrewarding. The RNG is imbalanced. The material and currency cost for upgrades is too high, and the rewards from doing dailies is too low. Yeah you can make about 10 gold or a little more if you do all the dailies that give the most money except….that takes several hours even if you happen to have over 440 AP and are geared to the teeth.

In all honestly I had high hopes for this game when I heard about the CBTs and even when I first heard it was coming to NA but there’s just too many flaws for it to be enjoyable for me. The story is well done and leveling was actually pretty fun and had a great pace to it, unlike the grind that leveling by itself can be in some games where you just want to press your face into the keyboard to press buttons after a while because it gets so repetitive and boring. But yeah, on another note I do wish the people deciding to stick with the game enjoy it and maybe this little rant I had of pointing out all the issues with the game will help some people decide if the game is really worth their time or not.

Blade & Soul PC Review: Lots of Blade, Needs More Soul

Blade & Soul is visually striking right from the beginning. Sure, Unreal Engine 3 shows its age here with relatively poor textures if you look at anything closeup, but the general artstyle is wonderfully unique. This is a Korean MMO and that culture is painted upon every surface, alongside some heavy wuxia influences. Mountainside cities stretch into the clouds, waterfalls dot the landscape, and vast deserts stretch out before you. Blade & Soul has some stunning vistas.

Getting around those vistas is equally enjoyable. There’s no mounts in this game. Instead, the player character is completely self-sufficient, able to float through the air, push themselves forward off of nothing, and walk on water. You can even wall dash! Finally, there’s static Dragon Pulses in each region that will launch you from place to place. It’s one of the game’s highlights.

Blade & Soul’s plot is threadbare and mostly forgettable: You’re the last student of Hong Sokyun, master of the Hongmoon style. When your entire school is destroyed by the power hungry Jinsoyun, you’re found floating in the ocean and saved by an old war veteran. So begins your quest to master the Hongmoon way and bring an end to Jinsoyun. That’s pretty much the outline of the quest and while the game will touch upon your true mission here and there, it’s mostly background to the leveling experience. It’s certainly not up to snuff compared to games like Final Fantasy XIV or Guild Wars 2.

It probably doesn’t help that Blade & Soul’s Western release is plagued by poor voice acting and rough translations. Honestly, given the audience this game seems to be reaching, I think it might have been better for NCSoft just to leave the Korean voice acting in place, because it’s much, much stronger.

Where Blade & Soul excels and innovates is in its combat. There’s no tab-targeting, no auto-focus, and no static action bars. You have to aim at the enemy you want to attack with the game’s camera, so if you visually miss a strike, it misses in-game. (You hold Alt to change mouse movement from camera to cursor, so you can select menu items.) When you’re in combat in Blade & Soul, things are constantly shifting. You’ll have one set of attacks and as the battle progresses, what’s available to you changes. Is your opponent down? Here’s a follow-up attack to stomp them into the dirt. If you’ve stunned an enemy, perhaps you want to grapple for an alternate set of attacks. Did another player just knock down that target? If you use the right attack, you’ll create a combo with them!

Once you’ve mastered the combat system, you’ll find there’s a flow state of basic combos, counters, stuns, grapples, throws, and follow-up attacks. Blade & Soul’s combat is active in the strongest sense of the word, even more so than other action-oriented MMOs like TERA and Guild Wars 2. It feels like a fighting game.

That’s why Blade & Soul’s PVP is where the magic is at. The PVP mode, which is split between 1v1 Duels, 3v3 Matches, and world PVP, is where the game shines the brightest. Tactics and tight reflexes unpin the entire PVP system, leading to some great matches if you find an equally skilled opponent. There’s a strong give-and-take, waiting for your foe to overcommit so you can exploit their weaknesses with a stun or grapple. You’ll find some very tense matches, where a perfect counter will take you from a near-loss to victory. I don’t particularly enjoy PVP in MMOs, but in Blade & Soul it’s rather fun.

Well, most of the time. Unfortunately, balance seems to be a struggle for the game. The Western client launched with seven classes: Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Assassin, Blade Dancer, and Summoner. The classes are divided between the four humanoid races: the basic Jin and Yun, the massive Gon, and the diminutive Lyn. The Blade Master is your jack-of-all-trades, using their swords to provide solid offense and defense. The Destroyer is BnS’s heavy class, with a huge axe and the ability to literally pick up enemies and throw them around. Force Master is the long-range mage class.

Blade Dancer takes the basic idea of the Blade Master, but sacrifices defenses for offense and speed. The Assassin is all about your best Ninja fantasies, with a Decoy counter move and the ability to move swiftly around the battlefield. The Kung Fu Master is heavy on combos and counter timing, being one of the harder classes to play. Finally, the Summoner casts magic from a long-distance, while a cat familiar deals damage up close.

It’s the last class that’s currently reigning in Blade & Soul’s PVP. The combination of a familiar, long-distance attack, and great control abilities tends to put most other classes at a disadvantage when playing against a Summoner. Summoner currently holds a strong spot on the PVP rankings and dominates low-level PVP play. (The Korean game has completely different rankings, by the by.) In contrast, the Force Master holds the bottom spot. There’s a solid middle in the tiers, but it can sometimes be demoralizing to run into the same class again and again. Balance is a key part of any competitive game, so it’s something that should be looked at a bit more here.

Within each class, there’s a ton of variety. The skill system in Blade & Soul has you spending points to customize every single one of your abilities. For example, if you’re a Kung Fu Master – my class of choice – you have five different abilities activated by hitting Tab. If you’ve chosen Flying Slam (a charge move) as your Tab ability, there’s still five Tiers of changes within that one move that you can spec for. Perhaps, you’d like your Flying Slam to heal for the amount of damage dealt, or refresh the cooldown of other moves, or simply do more damage. That’s just changes to a single move. Even before you get to PVP, finding a good spec is a mountain’s worth of work, but it’s important if you’re going to be PVPing or doing dungeons on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, where Blade & Soul intersects with other MMOs is where the game falters. Leveling to cap (level 45 currently) is relatively quick, which is good because that leveling experience is rote and boring. Go to hub, grab a ton of kill or collect quests, complete them, return to hub. This is pretty normal for any MMO, but that’s where Blade & Soul’s strengths and weaknesses work against it in tandem. The combat is so great in PVP, but PVE against the AI is a ghost of that similar experience, with the player utilizing the same combos again and again. The story is so light and the voice acting so poor that you’ll flip through questgiver lines at high speed. It doesn’t help that most of the dungeons in the game aren’t really dungeons, just progressive gauntlets of enemies with a boss at the end. It’s the same stuff as other MMOs, but if feels worse here because of the contrast.

PVE in Blade & Soul is also a lonely and anti-social experience. No one really talks or communicates much, the mob tagging system means you’ll actively avoid other players so they don’t take your quest kills, and the dungeons are a free-for-all experience. You might have a poor player or two, but you can still complete the experience on your own if you’re good enough. There’s really no reason to care about the team. Rag on the holy trinity all you want, but it makes certain facets of a party needed and that need makes people more predisposed to things like communication.

Blade & Soul does allow for a decent amount of player expression though. The armor system, the Soul Shields, is completely separated from the visual costume system. NCSoft has created a variety of complete outfits for every character, usually themed. A number are available as quest and dungeon rewards, but some of the most extravagant are available through the game’s cash shop. There’s a constant infusion of new outfits in the cash shop, as that’s where Blade & Soul looks to make the most of its money. That also ends up being one of the drawbacks as some costumes are only available through random games of chance, or even worse, are random drops from purchasable boxes on the cash shop. The latter is what has the Western fanbase mostly up in arms. (It would also be cool if BnS offered a costume dye system at all.)

While Blade & Soul is free, you’ll find that you’re rather limited if you don’t pick up a Premium Membership or other add-ons. The Premium Membership offers a wardrobe deposit, increased experience gain, lower marketplace fees, and discounts on items in the cash shop. Even with a Premium Membership, you only have two character slots and a pretty limited inventory. Expect to throw some money at Blade & Soul to get the quality of life features that many players expect.

There’s also something to be said for the relative lean of Blade & Soul’s costumes. Artist Hyung Tae-Kim is known for his scantily-clad female characters with rather “healthy assets” and twisted spines, so you should know what you’re getting into already. Many players use the rather robust character creator to make pretty female characters with absolutely huge breasts that sway to and fro, via rather aggressive jiggle physics. This is compounded by many of the female costumes, which are threadbare are best and rather open in certain regions at worst. This would be better if NCSoft had stuck to its promise to provide more even costumes for male and female characters, but you’re far more likely to find someone took the shears to the female version of a costume, if there’s even a male version available. Which is to say, if you’re going to go that route, let everybody get in equally on the fun.

In the end, I didn’t like Blade & Soul as much as I wanted to. General movement through the world and the PVP combat was a blast, but that’s let down by the relatively boring PVE experience. Even PVP-only players have to grind their way through PVE, because you’ll be missing certain skills and abilities if you’re not at the level cap. Blade & Soul is a game going in two different directions instead of simply focusing on what makes it great. That said, if you’re willing to blast your way through to level cap and you want to look flashy as you partake in some great PVP, Blade & Soul is probably the game for you.

Blade And Soul is Pay to Win? or Not?

This is information from other ver BNS (Korea, China, etc). Based on what I know after B&S 2.0 or 3.0 patch, Hongmun weapons (weapons that every users received one in the beginning) transformation tree will be gone. This means all the hard work to upgrade Hongmun weapons become pointless (USELESS). As BNS update the max level to 50, entire weapon transformation system will change (based on KR BNS). There will be black/white ridge weapons (lvl 50) legendary weapon. Max weapon level is 12. After level 5, weapon will have very fancy effects (visual effects) which many people wants.

So what is wrong with this?
1. Getting a black/white ridge weapon is very hard (a lot of time consuming even though there are 3 different ways to get these weapons).

2. * This is the main problem. Upgrading (not transforming the weapon) is very tedious (need shit-ton of materials). It is not 100% success upgrading. If upgrade fails, weapon is no longer upgrade-able.

3. Weapons become trade-able and it will be ridiculously expensive. (at least what I saw from Korean ver BNS market, level 6 white ridge weapon was 40,000 blade & soul gold or higher).

Without these weapons, it will be hard to play the pvp and some later dungeons because people will kick you out without these weapons (at least in Korea Ver.).
Hardcore gamers (players who buys Blade And Soul gold with real money) will not going to have problem playing this game because they will use there shit-ton of money to buy the BNS gold.

For these reasons, many Korean players move to NA B&S version. Korean players do not transform their hongmun weapons too high because they are worried about the 2.0 or 3.0 patch later.

Based on recent rising water patch, some conclude that there are possibility that hongmun weapon tree will exist after the 2.0/3.0 patch.

These are information from Korea Blade & Soul, so this is possibility if NA BNS follow the Korean updates.

I currently have True Profane Sword. Should I upgrade to Awakened Siren Sword?

If NA change to Korea ver, NC will get rid off Hongmun weapon transformation tree. This makes pointless to upgrade Hongmun weapons.

I agree that right now NA B&S is not pay to win. However after 2.0&3.0 patches (like korea or china ver), game will become pay to win if NA follows the Korean patch. what I saw from Korean ver B&S market, level 6 white ridge weapon (this is level 50 legendary weapon) was 40,000 Blade And Soul gold or higher. Also people buy fully upgrade lvl 12 white ridge weapon for $1000-2000 dollars in Korea right now.

Korea have website called “Item Mania.” People sell and buy game items with real money. ncsoft made the upgrade system for legendary weapons miserable in patch 2.0-3.0. Also ncsoft will make weapons trad-able, which will turn this game into pay to win.

Many people failed to upgrade the legendary weapon. First of all, getting a legendary weapon is hard. Upgrading (not transforming the weapon) is very tedious (need shit-ton of materials). It is not 100% success upgrading. If upgrade fails, weapon is no longer upgrade-able. Then we need to redo the process of getting a legendary weapon and upgrading process.
– See more at: http://www.blade-soul.com/news/blade-and-soul-is-pay-to-win–or-not#sthash.4e0Rs9uv.dpuf

Black Desert Online out next month

Black Desert Online – the massively multiplayer online role-playing game with the best character creator we’ve ever seen – comes out on 3rd March.

A second closed beta test is planned for 18th February. You can put your name down on the official website for a chance to get in, or pre-order for guaranteed access.

Black Desert Online’s character creator was released as a standalone, free download last month. It lets you import your characters into the closed beta test and the full game, when it comes out.

Check it out in the video below. It really is that good.

The 10 Best Things About ‘The Division’ Beta

I’ve had plenty of complaints, worries, and other quibbles with Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter-MMO The Division, which wrapped up its beta yesterday.

But I’ve also had a lot of fun with the game. Here are the things I enjoyed the most so far.

(Credit: Ubisoft)

1. Cover mechanics work great.

Third-person cover shooters are only fun if taking cover works the way it’s intended. Fortunately for us, The Division’s cover mechanics work great. While I don’t find the actual shooting to be anything special, I really like how well moving from one cover to the next works. It’s very smooth and satisfying and after I’d gotten the hang of it, seemed to work without a hitch.

2. Weapon customization is excellent.

I love how much you can customize your guns in The Division. Some games let you customize one or two attachments, but this one gives you tons of options and there’s a plethora of different attachments to choose from. No two guns will be the same, but not in the same way that a game like Borderlands has bazillions of guns. These ones are all more “realistic” and can be customized so that your gun is its very own unique snowflake. This should be fun to play around with more extensively in the full game.

3. The augmented reality UI is incredibly slick.

Yes, there’s problems with default key-mapping on PC, and I never could get my mouse to left-click on any menus or shoot a gun, leading me to use my gamepad exclusively, but the UI itself is great. And while there may be a few too many menus and submenus to navigate, at least the experience of navigating them is pleasant. I also like the little lines in the air that lead you to your map marker or objective. Very easy to follow and unobtrusive.

4. Seeing what your character is equipped with is really cool.

Along the same lines as the user interface is the fact that as your character runs around in third-person, you not only see the different outfits you put on, but the gear and abilities you have equipped. This definitely adds to the immersion level, and is something I’ve wanted to see more of in video games for a long time. Of course, all the loot you pick up—the unrealistic amount of loot you can pick up—remains hidden from view unless you’re in the Dark Zone, where it’s represented as a hazardous materials tube.

5. The graphics are terrific.

New York City looks incredible. The day and night cycle and the dynamic weather is simply stunning. I left the game running at one point and came back a few minutes later to find my character engulfed in a blizzard, which was both surprising and really cool to see. Christmas lights hanging from trees, pools of water reflecting the city above…everything here is simply gorgeous, graphical downgrade or no. Better yet, it looks amazing on all three platforms.

6. The Dark Zone is an incredibly cool concept.

Whether the Dark Zone turns out to be a disaster or one of the coolest implementations of a PvE/Co-Op/PvP hybrid remains to be seen. But so far it’s been one of the most interesting gaming experiences I’ve had this year and I can’t wait to see how it evolves after the full game launches. The potential for really cool emergent storytelling and organic community-building is there, but so is the potential for cheating and frustration.

7. Classless RPG system gives players lots of freedom.

I like roleplaying games that make you choose a class, but sometimes it can feel restrictive. Sometimes these classes are set in stone, other times you can choose from sub-classes (think Destiny) but still remain boxed in by your over-class. Other games, like Dragon’s Dogma or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, allow you to pick a class and then keep switching it up until you’ve tried everything. But I really like the open-ended system in The Division, even if the beta severely restricted how we could experiment with it.

8. It’s really easy to join a group.

One thing The Division does better than almost any game I’ve played is make socializing a breeze. I’m generally a pretty anti-social gamer, so I don’t go out of my way to join a group typically. But it’s extremely easy to see who’s around and find other players to play with in The Division, which is a no-brainer for this sort of game, but still rarely executed so smoothly.

9. Load-screens are quick, well-disguised, and seamless.

Some games have terrible load times that make you wait, bored and restless, even though this is 2016 and we should have figured this out by now. The Division handles its fairly brief load times much better, by disguising them. For instance, the load screen between your base and the outdoors is that bit where you have to walk really slowly. The load screen itself is masked behind that much less jarring action, and fewer moments spent waiting means more spent having fun.

10. The mission was actually pretty good.

I’ll be honest, one mission isn’t enough to really give us a glimpse at how good the rest of the campaign will be, but I liked the first mission and I was a little disappointed when I couldn’t play more of them. I hope that Ubisoft has placed priority in making missions diverse and varied, and I hope they continue to release story content after the main game because story content is the antidote to too much loot grinding.

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Blade And Soul has a huge assortment of innovative features that are added to the current game including better graphics, audio and customizable interfaces. It was released as a single massive update and sequence of updates were added over time. Initially the game was released on the 22nd of July 2013. It uses free-to-play method for users. The pictures are also upgraded from 2D to 3D.

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Blade & Soul officially launches in North America and Europe

NcSoft has launched Blade and Soul, it’s Korean martial arts MMO, in the west. Both North America and Europe are able to play online now. “The launch of Blade & Soul is a significant moment and represents one of the most important online launches for players in 2016,” said John Burns, Senior Vice President at NCSOFT West. “Fans finally have the chance to experience the amazing gameplay, distinctive action and dynamic combat that sets this game apart from others on the market.”

In addition to the initial launch of the game and its content packs that we’ve covered, there will also be brand new content coming this year for the first time to all platforms. A number of new dungeons as well as new class – Warlock, are going to be included. Certain Warlock based items have been dropping in the game so far and players have noticed. Of course, we now know the responses of “it’s just a bug” was a nicely conceived plan.

The total post launch content does have an exact date yet, but it will be available later this year

Mushin’s Tower, Floors 1-8

Single player instanced dungeon

Each floor has own unique challenge & practice area

Bloodshade & Nightshade Harbor

Bloodshade is 4 & 6 player difficulty dungeon, Nightshade is 24 player dungeon

Battle Blackram Pirate Admiral Haemujin

Naryu Labyrinth

4 & 6 player difficulty dungeon, 3 levels, Defeat the Thunder and Wind Gods Fujin & Raijin

Silverfrost Mountain Expansion

Act 4, part 1 & 2, New continent

Level 50 increase

New Class: Warlock

The game is available for play immediately and can be downloaded from the official Blade and Soul site. A number of packs are available for purchase in order to help develop your character faster as well. Be sure to check it out as we loved what we played so far in our early access, and will have our review up shortly.

We’ll also have exclusive info for NcSoft’s new game upcoming next week so stay tuned.

World Of Warcraft Alpha Back Online, Rat Mount, Corgi Pets Revealed In Game’s Files

After a holiday break, the alpha client of the next World of Warcraft expansion is back online. Players with access to the Legion alpha can once again reenter the servers for testing. More content, specializations, and other features of the expansion are now unlocked. Those who have access to the alpha are under no non-disclosure agreement, making the reopening of the alpha a welcome sight for those eager to learn more about Legion and how it will alter the 11-year-old World of Warcraft.
The Val’Sharah zone, the Darkheart Thicket dungeon, the Shaman Order Halls, and a handful of currently unlocked specializations are now accessible in the World of Warcraft alpha. Alpha players cannot currently copy characters over to the alpha, however, a high-level character template is available to get started right away. As it is noted on Battle.net, players with access to the alpha will know so thanks to an official email. Not to mention, the “In Development” area of the Battle.net launcher in “Region/Account” will contain the word alpha if access is granted.

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The maximum level in Legion is 110, however, the level cap in the alpha is now 106. In addition to the opening of Val’Sharah, players can now test new abilities and talents for Vengeance Demon Hunters, Guardian and Restoration Druids, Marksmanship Hunters, Discipline Priests, and Elemental and Enhancement Shamans. Blizzard developers even put together a handy World of Warcraft graphic for the alpha’s new additions.

Of course, not many players have access to the Legion alpha. Those interested in the development of the expansion can still enjoy the wealth of information provided by the alpha, though. Specifically, they can enjoy the material data mined by World of Warcraft fan or database websites that come with each new client release. The reopening of the alpha means new data mining is taking place with new information on what players can expect from the expansion. However, this is content currently in development and is subject to change.

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New mounts, new pets, tier 19 armor, new models, and much more are already uncovered from the alpha client. Popular database website WoWhead is quick to reveal what the latest Legion alpha can tell players about the upcoming expansion. New data mined models, like those of new mount and pets, for example, give players a preview of what might be added to their collection after the expansion releases. An adorable fox mount, a giant rat mount, and seemingly a fish mount are all part of the latest World of Warcraft alpha client. A new corgi model and spectral versions of a bunny and a hippo are also included, however, it’s unclear if these are obtainable battle pets at this time.

Other creature models, such as bats, dread ravens, kudos, wolves, and more, are also previewed. Some of these might just be creatures in the world, but World of Warcraft Hunters might want to check them out. It is always possible that they could be tamed. The wolves are especially interesting since they share a model with Skoll, the Spirit Beast in The Storm Peaks.

Several artifact weapon skins, tier 19 armor for Druids, and tier 19 armor for Shamans are also part of the WoWhead post. It does not contain any spoiler text, however, one of the models might be considered a minor spoiler for those looking to keeping Legion’s story unknown until the expansion’s release. A number of spells changes and abilities alterations are also part of the latest data mine; however, it is difficult to gather much from information like that considering it is an alpha test.
For players enjoying the live World of Warcraft client, January is a bit of a slow month. As the Inquisitr reported, Bonus Events are keeping things lively, though. Currently, the bonus Apexis Crystal event is underway providing the Sign of Apexis buff, to find significantly more Apexis Crystals, to all max level players. “The Time to Strike” Apexis weekly is also available for another 5,000 Apexis Crystals, 1,000 Garrison Resources, and 1,500 Oil.