A FFXIV Paladin’s opinion on Parry

Sorry Warriors, leaving you guys out 😛

Over the last >1 year of tanking in ARR, I’ve seen lots of discussion about parry. Most of what I’ve seen here is that parry is useless. I know some of you believe that, and with the way secondary stats work it’s pretty valid. However, I feel like this has completely discouraged the use of parry for anyone. Id just like to share some of my opinions as a career Paladin on parry.

I’d like to start by saying I’m not a raider. Not to say I haven’t done any coil or primals, but I don’t have a static and when I do raid it’s with FC mates. I’m totally capable, but that content just doesn’t interest me. The majority of the content I play are light party dungeons, roulettes and the like.

As a Paladin, the most suggested route for relic/gear is Det/Crit or Det/Acc/Crit. Det is obvious, since it boosts your Flash and overall damage output, and I don’t need to explain Acc. Crit has always been an issue with me as a PLD. Why is it considered so useful for us? Crits are pretty and all, but I find them mostly purposeless unless I’ve got Bloodbath up. The aggro difference it makes is also negligible imo, if you are thanking God for that Halone crit for keeping that mob off the BLM you should have been Flashing anyway. I know you’re all gonna say damage is damage and things that die fast do less damage. True, but if you have to pick up a person or 2 in DF your crits may not be the deciding factor. Continue reading A FFXIV Paladin’s opinion on Parry

FFXIV Crafting & Gathering Quality of Life

I’d like to start a thread that hopefully will be a place for anyone putting time and effort into what has become a large (and sometimes monstrous) part of the game, Crafting & Gathering.

Feel free to add any Quality of Life suggestions to this thread. I would however like to keep this a place for suggestions rather than a place to gripe and moan about how hard your life (in game or irl) is because of crafting (not that I really expect this sentence to actually prevent that but hey a guy can dream).

I’ll post my suggestions below.

Gathering Suggestions
A couple of my suggestions on Gathering:
1. A materials bag (or materials collection) – Inventory space is a big enough issue for most players with random mat drops from mobs in dungeons and open world. Add to that well over 200 crafting mats available from fishing, botany and mining things get a little absurd trying to manage personal and retainer inventory.

My suggestion is to create a system similar to that in Guild Wars II, in which all crafting materials were stored in an entirely separate “inventory”. This “inventory” had individual slots for each material and was reasonably easy to navigate. It was designed to free a players inventory from the burden of carrying hundreds of materials. Yes it gets to be a bit of a big screen but it’s already half implemented with the various gathering logs all that needs to be done is for them to now track the individual stacks held by the player.I think this could be a huge QoL adjustment and would ease some of the intimidation of crafting and gathering that might hold people back.
2. I found this on another thread and I apologize but I couldn’t find the author of the original suggestion however I give all credit to that individual who first thought of this. Give gatherer’s the ability to break down Clusters and Crystals to Crystals and Shards respectively. This might be more of a crafter’s area of expertise but either way sometimes you just need 5 more crystals or 20 more shards and all you have are clusters. Sure I could spend 20 min porting to Bentbranch to gather wind crystals or Black Brush for lightning shards but it’s not providing anything more than a time sink. And while a time sink may be the goal, the unintended consequences are that it takes time away from other aspects of the game I enjoy and therefore creates an unnecessary conflict between 2 otherwise enjoyable parts of the game. Continue reading FFXIV Crafting & Gathering Quality of Life

Bring on Personal Wings! [Beyond FFXIV Heavensward Thread]

With Heavensward bringing new zones that you can use flying mounts, it would be great if players were to be given even more freedom of movement thro the addition of their own personal wings!

Just think of all the possibilities personal wings could bring: DoL sky gathering points, flying in new zones, glide from high places in old zones, maybe even entire dungeons that flying is part of the mechanics! If SE adds them as an additional slot (or some how use the Soul Crystal Slot), stats could be added to the Wings as well as glamors.

I was thinking it might be fitting as a final reward from Heavensward, like an Au Ra coming of age spell that grants a pair of wings(since in final fantasy dragons tend to have wings..) that just happens to work on other races.
Why won’t I be happy with just a flying mount? Can’t gather/fight/go into dungeons on a mount, I’m just thinking potential added content. Also wings shouldn’t be visible unless your flying or use /wing emote.

To get an idea of what it would look like take a look at Aion’s wings:

But beyond personal wings and Heavensward, what ideas would you like to see fleshed out or added to FFXIV?

FFXIV Combat Realism & power of Jobs (class/job quest spoilers)

Hello everyone, I want to discuss the way combat is portrayed in cutscenes, and how it affects the might in Jobs.

The combat is gameplay is waaaaaay different than the combat in cutscenes. In the final rogue quest, Milala becomes mortally injured by a simple axe strike to her back. Every cutscene that shows combat has combatants being neutralized in about 1-2 hits. This of course shows that gameplay combat is merely a dramatization of what’s actually happening, if that. Continue reading FFXIV Combat Realism & power of Jobs (class/job quest spoilers)

What should I be doing to prep for FFXIV Heavensward?

I am having a hard time getting through the end game stuff. Not much direction and people are helpful but some times its like decrypting code.

I just wonder what a good level I should be at when the DLC comes out. I keep plugging away at buying the 120 stuff and working on my 110 weapon but I still haven’t even gotten to the extreme primal fights and I haven’t made it through Coil 5.

Do you guys think I’m gonna be to far behind, or do you think it doesn’t matter seeing as the new area and lvl cap raise are coming hand in hand? Continue reading What should I be doing to prep for FFXIV Heavensward?

FFXIV Wolves den challenge log impossible to achieve?

I’m trying to burn through PvP to rank to 44 so I can wear the gear for glamour vanity – plus I find PvP entertaining and fun.

So as I’m slowly trudging through the ranks I’m realizing that 1-3 frontlines matches a night is literally going to take many months to get to that rank (especially at the rate that the Twin Adders are losing on Aether). My goal is to get there as fast as possible, with limited time to play. When I say 1-3 frontlines a day, that’s about all I’m doing / focusing on when I’m logged in.

So what I’ve done with leveling and crafting is using the weekly challenge log items to really help buffer the leveling process. Especially since the rewards scale with level, they can really offer a nice boost every week. I hit the Frontlines challenge log items without too much trouble (there’s definitely been weeks where I couldn’t pull 3 wins – that really sucks!), but for Wolves Den is seems virtually impossible. Continue reading FFXIV Wolves den challenge log impossible to achieve?

Question regarding Fenrir fight in Snowcloak (could use community team answer)

I already posted this over on Reddit, but I’d like to know what you guys think about this too. So, I paid a visit to Snowcloak earlier today for my Zodiac drop and noticed something about Fenrir this time. When you’re fighting him, he keeps his right forepaw lifted throughout the whole fight and only places it onto the ground when executing skills, and when he’s about to leap.

There’s no real advantage to him fighting this way, so it made me wonder… Is Fenrir injured during this fight? I seem to recall Yoshi-P saying something about having plans for Fenrir in the future (which could possibly be a hint of seeing him return much stronger in Snowcloak HM, which I’m hoping). Still, I am left curious though… What exactly happened here?

Surely it’s not just some quirk he has. Fenrir plays a big role in mythology, so whatever hurt him enough to make him not want to put pressure on his right forepaw, unless absolutely necessary, must have been quite the adversary. I’m betting Odin paid him a visit, heh. Continue reading Question regarding Fenrir fight in Snowcloak (could use community team answer)

DPS weren’t built to pull mobs efficiently

So, I just queued as PLD for DD to help a friend get it done for GC quests.

Immediately upon the dungeon starting, I get this from a dps:

“no skipping anything”

Being the rebel I am, and the fact that my friend just needed the dungeon done asap (and I’m the tank, so obviously the game is designed for me to lead the pace of the dungeon), and the fact that he demanded I bow to his whims rather than ask me to, I pulled the first room into the crystal buff. The WHM, who is the other dps’ friend, is not holying. The other dps, who is a BRD, is not aoeing.

This is with about 9 mobs or so pulled. Everyone is single targeting everything and the WHM isn’t holying (really don’t have issue with healers choosing to not dps when it isn’t necessary, dps should know when its more effective to aoe than single target though), so it takes a long, long time for the first pack to die.

Then the DPS pulls optional mobs, he gets combative when I ask him to aoe, and my friend decides to leave.

In short, this is a simple plea/reminder to those DPS out there who think it’s their job to pull mobs and to dictate the pace of a run, especially in a tie between interests:

– You are not the tank, so if you want to be the tank and pull mobs and have more weight in determining when/how mobs should be pulled as a role, please queue as a tank.

-Only a majority decision among the players in the group or agreed upon compromise offsets the tank role’s inherent, implied rights as the intended mob pulling role. If you’re a dps or healer pulling mobs, you are doing what was intended for tanks to do. If there is a deadlock in how to proceed, and there are 2 roles that are not meant to pull vs one role that is meant to pull, obviously the role meant to pull (tank) should be the one to continue pulling.

Disclaimer for people who don’t want to read my entire post: Not saying at all that tank players are an exception to the following two things.

– You are not the owner of any person. Ask, do not demand.

– Your personal rights do not trump other people’s rights. A tank’s role rights to pull mobs and how to do it do trump a DPS or healer’s rights to pull mobs in a tie however. Role design and community attitude prove this in practice. In a tie, the tank’s decision about how the group proceeds in pulling mobs (a tank job) has the most weight as such, given that doing that is their job. If you disagree, don’t disapprove of that healer or dps who runs around and pulls mobs in the future. Continue reading DPS weren’t built to pull mobs efficiently

Feedback for GM Shmanington/Big issue in FFXIV game pissing me off

Yeah, reported someone in game earlier today due to harassment, but honestly I wasn’t all too happy with how our conversation went down.

It felt like everything I said had an automated reply, even when I said something ahead of time, they still had to give me a cookie cutter reply

[GM]Gm Shmanington >> I see that you may be preoccupied at this time. As you have already provided sufficient details in your GM call, I believe I have enough information to progress this matter into an investigation, regarding XXXXXXXXXXXX insulting others during a duty. However, before I go ahead and progress your matter, are there any other concerns I can address for you?

>> Gm Shmanington: Also I’d like to address one other thing
>> Gm Shmanington: I’ve mentioned it to multiple GMs, and sent in a support ticket thing about it, and even made a suggestion/feedback thread about it
>> Gm Shmanington: Whenever I send in a report, for about a week afterwords
>> Gm Shmanington: I get alerts again and again
>> Gm Shmanington: About getting a reply to something from GMs
[GM]Gm Shmanington >> Should you have any future concerns, please feel free to submit another GM call. If you have any feedback in regards to our policies or services, you may post on our forums at http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv. Continue reading Feedback for GM Shmanington/Big issue in FFXIV game pissing me off

The ffxiv new hairstyles for 3.0 in the benchmark

These are the 2 new hairstyles in the benchmark that are supposed to be coming in 3.0. Only modeled them on my character and a female highlander alt i made and never used.

With a haircut and shave this first one turned my ruggedly handsome Ulath into a clean cut choir boy.

And the samurai hairstyle. Would be better without the clips IMO. Continue reading The ffxiv new hairstyles for 3.0 in the benchmark