Give Us Final Fantasy XIV PvP

Hey Hey Square Enix and fellow Eorzeans,

FFXIV has an increasing pvp playerbase (take a look at the pvp forum section, some threads got thousands of views and plenty of input also), we obviously love the FFXIV saga and PvE, and some of us have played it for decades.

But among us there’re PvPers, and passionate ones. and it is ok, it is certainly ok to evolve and develop new interests for certain types of gameplay. We are extending our humble request to adjust the small pvp content FFXIV offers:

The level of animosity and prejudice by “most” FFXIV players is so great it reflects the fright and negativity towards pvp in this MMO. I understand bad pvp experiences in other MMOs may have influenced these players to generalize all pvp as negative and rotten. But lets not fail to acknowledge pvp has been fun and fair in some MMOs, as a whole or fractional, such as pvp instances. Continue reading Give Us Final Fantasy XIV PvP

A-Rank Hunts Need a Poetics Reward Sometime Before FFXIV Heavensward

I am a fairly active dungeon crawler. I run them 10 to 15 times a week, working on a Zodiac weapon and several weapons in the pre-Zodiac progression. I consistently utilize raids for my weekly and still beyond that. I run to an S-rank hunt whenever it’s called out. I even jump into BGs from time to time, but I simply do not have enough time to sit in queues every time I want a significant amount of Poetics. Furthermore, FF is a franchise which prides itself on freedom and diversity. The devs will speak often and passionately that they strive so that players will have many avenues to reach their goals.

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FFXIV ACN/SMN should be unlinked from SCH entirely

Though I doubt it will happen, I feel the most ideal approach to “fix” SMN would be to make SMN evolve from ACN (as now), but separate SCH entirely but making them a special job you unlock similar to the new 3.0 jobs like DRK. Basically, a special job you unlock and start at level 30. It can require ACN 30 if you want, but should NOT draw abilities from ACN.

With that in mind:

-ACN should lose Resurrect; it should go to SCH
-ACN should lose Eye for an Eye; it should go to SCH
-SCH’s dps line-up of skills should be completely rewritten to account for no longer being a branch of ACN, which is why this will probably never happen Continue reading FFXIV ACN/SMN should be unlinked from SCH entirely

The difference between doing this on Final Fantasy XIV WHM

First let me start of with saying I am fresh to the game with less than 1 month of game play.

I am currently a lvl 33 WHM(17 ARN) and just finished Brayflox by sheer luck and amazing Duty finder mates(hat tips to them)

I think the biggest issue I’m having is mana management, I seem to OOM very quickly and as a result toward the tail end of the fight, I’m literally going from Cure I cast and praying for a free Cure II. I had a very difficult time managing dispells and again by the end of the fight I was OOM.

Does anyone have an good lowbie guides for WHM starting off? Is this maybe just a gear issue and I need to go back to Hakkue and get some more gear? Any screen configurations for healing? I’m afraid I might be tunnel visioning on health bars and missing things.

Any tips, hints, guides, youtube videos that anyone finds helpful would be great. I did google but everything seems to be for max level, I’d rather not fail through the next 17 levels, causing grief. Continue reading The difference between doing this on Final Fantasy XIV WHM

Dear Dev FFXIV Team: Feedback from Chinese server

Hi Dev teams,

I’m one of the managers of SNDA’s Chinese FFXIV official forum.
Recently we’re recieving a good amount of negative feedbacks about the cancelling of levelsync in low level instances, and I felt as it might help if we can get official reply over there for CHN players, just as how you directly answer NA/EU/JPN players on lodestone forum.

Before I start, let me quickly explain why I’m doing this over here. I wish I had some other ways to request for your reply, however when I came up with the idea, the Chief forum manager (and of course also an employee of SNDA) told me to do this so…
Also, I’m better using Japanese so If necessary, I can report all these in by Japanese. Only reason I’m in English Forum is because I have my own playing community in Japanese server, and I don’t want to screw it up by revealing my nationality and letting other Japanese player know about it.
And I understand that Chinese SNDA employees might have already sent you the feedbacks for further development of the system, however as I said in above, I wish if we had those quick direct reply from dev team so.

Currently on Chinese Forum, players are mainly arguing about these problems: Continue reading Dear Dev FFXIV Team: Feedback from Chinese server

Please, secondary dye Final Fantasy XIV areas. Help me not be hideous

This game is gorgeous. The characters we can make are gorgeous. But, for the love of Hydaelyn, we need to be able to dye all regions of armor.

Either introducing a secondary dye color to dye the trim, or something like on Woolen Bliaud where the decorative stripes are just a darkened version of the dye color. Even a couple of trim “options” so that I can coordinate better.

“Just dye everything brown, Isondre,” you may be saying. “That way it will match the ubiquitous brown!”

Fine, but there is literally nothing I can do with this, my personal hell, Felt Gown:

Nothing goes with both brown AND gray. Something ends up clashing horribly. Please let me dye the collar and/or the underlayer! Continue reading Please, secondary dye Final Fantasy XIV areas. Help me not be hideous

Why is Square Enix not listening to this FFXIV forum?

Yea, its already sad that i have to seriously ask this question, but i think this question can and should be asked by now, since the current state of the whole pvp content in ff14 is far away from being healthy. The whole forum is flooded with threads about complaining, but we still dont see any efforts of you (Devs) to make the situation better. By now, i am already really scared to see such a messed up game mode like slaughter again in 3.0. I dont know why you talking so big about how much you love to pvp in this game, when it looks like its simply a lie.

So, why are you not listening to your pvp community? Continue reading Why is Square Enix not listening to this FFXIV forum?

FFXIV Summoner or Blackmage

I know this question has been posted a dozen times over but nothing recently nor browsing them did I find my question answered.

So I started the game about 2 weeks ago I decided I like the Blackmage the Summoner and the Dragoon. I leveled them all up enough to know that while I like the animations of the Dragoon I don’t like the rotation. Which leaves Summoner and Blackmage.

I like the explodyness of the Blackmage. The big hits make me feel super powerful and I really don’t find survivability to be an issue. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

I like the micromanagment of the Summoner. Keeping all my dots on the target and watching it’s health tick away makes me laugh and feel like some kind of super poisoning monster. That being said because I don’t see any numbers for my pets damage it feels underpowered in comparison to the Blackamge.

I’m having issues deciding between the two classes and was hoping for some advice keeping the following in mind…

I hear that they are going to fix dot damage in the game with the xpac making speed affect it. Which should give the Summoner a buff and one of my guildies told me yesterday we need a dedicated Summoner for our raids.

I do enjoy both classes but I feel the Blackmage has a little more instant gratification then the Summoner and it most definately plays faster. I find I enjoy the Blackmage just a LITTLE bit more then the summoner. That being said with the two previous points I mentioned what would you advise?

Dear Yoshi & Final Fantasy XIV Gil Team: About Current TT Tournament Model

EDIT: I should of started this post by pointing out that I do appreciate the work you guys have put into the Gold Saucer, and have so far been loving TT. So I’m not out to sound like an in-considerate ranter. Just that this is a real problem the way TT tournaments are being ran.

I’m going to put it bluntly before I go into details: It’s a broke system. I waited until the tournament actually started before posting this to see if my worries were just, and they were. Everything I feared has come to light. I was really looking forward to TT and playing against others in tournament, or what I thought was going to be a tournament. When I read the rules it had me a little worried due to how broken it sounded, but figured I would wait and see as maybe there’s more to it.

I’m going to number each thing that is wrong starting from the top. I have played CCGs and TCGs all my life including the tournament scene. I’ve played these both online virtual versions and real life physical versions.

1. Players can simply exploit the system by getting a group of friends or other players that do not care for it to allow wins after letting them win a certain number to make their rating higher, then letting you win the rest. Or you don’t have to lose any if you buy wins from players willing to sell them. I know this is legal in PVE with selling clears, but this is different being that it’s a tournament PVP that actually affects those playing.

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FFXIV Allied NPCs in “Escape from Castrum Centri” die very very quickly, Combat unwinnable

ISP: Verizon

Type of Internet Connection:
Optic Fiber

Internet Connection Speed:

Date & Time:
4/1/2015; 7:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Character Name:
Ltheb Surlaint Continue reading FFXIV Allied NPCs in “Escape from Castrum Centri” die very very quickly, Combat unwinnable