Why is Square Enix not listening to this FFXIV forum?

Yea, its already sad that i have to seriously ask this question, but i think this question can and should be asked by now, since the current state of the whole pvp content in ff14 is far away from being healthy. The whole forum is flooded with threads about complaining, but we still dont see any efforts of you (Devs) to make the situation better. By now, i am already really scared to see such a messed up game mode like slaughter again in 3.0. I dont know why you talking so big about how much you love to pvp in this game, when it looks like its simply a lie.

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FFXIV Summoner or Blackmage

I know this question has been posted a dozen times over but nothing recently nor browsing them did I find my question answered.

So I started the game about 2 weeks ago I decided I like the Blackmage the Summoner and the Dragoon. I leveled them all up enough to know that while I like the animations of the Dragoon I don’t like the rotation. Which leaves Summoner and Blackmage.

I like the explodyness of the Blackmage. The big hits make me feel super powerful and I really don’t find survivability to be an issue. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

I like the micromanagment of the Summoner. Keeping all my dots on the target and watching it’s health tick away makes me laugh and feel like some kind of super poisoning monster. That being said because I don’t see any numbers for my pets damage it feels underpowered in comparison to the Blackamge.

I’m having issues deciding between the two classes and was hoping for some advice keeping the following in mind…

I hear that they are going to fix dot damage in the game with the xpac making speed affect it. Which should give the Summoner a buff and one of my guildies told me yesterday we need a dedicated Summoner for our raids.

I do enjoy both classes but I feel the Blackmage has a little more instant gratification then the Summoner and it most definately plays faster. I find I enjoy the Blackmage just a LITTLE bit more then the summoner. That being said with the two previous points I mentioned what would you advise?

Dear Yoshi & Final Fantasy XIV Gil Team: About Current TT Tournament Model

EDIT: I should of started this post by pointing out that I do appreciate the work you guys have put into the Gold Saucer, and have so far been loving TT. So I’m not out to sound like an in-considerate ranter. Just that this is a real problem the way TT tournaments are being ran.

I’m going to put it bluntly before I go into details: It’s a broke system. I waited until the tournament actually started before posting this to see if my worries were just, and they were. Everything I feared has come to light. I was really looking forward to TT and playing against others in tournament, or what I thought was going to be a tournament. When I read the rules it had me a little worried due to how broken it sounded, but figured I would wait and see as maybe there’s more to it.

I’m going to number each thing that is wrong starting from the top. I have played CCGs and TCGs all my life including the tournament scene. I’ve played these both online virtual versions and real life physical versions.

1. Players can simply exploit the system by getting a group of friends or other players that do not care for it to allow wins after letting them win a certain number to make their rating higher, then letting you win the rest. Or you don’t have to lose any if you buy wins from players willing to sell them. I know this is legal in PVE with selling clears, but this is different being that it’s a tournament PVP that actually affects those playing.

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FFXIV Allied NPCs in “Escape from Castrum Centri” die very very quickly, Combat unwinnable

ISP: Verizon

Type of Internet Connection:
Optic Fiber

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Date & Time:
4/1/2015; 7:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Character Name:
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Healing through hard FFXIV speed runs

Hi all,

I’ve been playing the game for just over a month now and had a blast level 1-49 but since hitting 50 things have not been so great. I recognise there are people who have played this game and others like it for years probably but I am still learning the ropes.

I play as white mage, have done the advised cross class leveling to unlock things like swiftcast etc and got my relic. I’ve mainly been doing the main story roulette and a low level dungeon in the couple of hours I have on an evening.

On the occasions I have gone in to a hard mode dungeon I have been struggling to keep players up due to the sheer amount of mobs that are being pulled. It’s my fault… I do always saying in the chat at the start ‘I am new here.’ Tanks still bundle in and pull everything to the boss.

So really I’m asking for some help on how I can deal with this as I am clearly healing wrong here and would like to know a sufficient rotation for dealing with this please.

1. Have good gear. It really makes a big difference. If you don’t yet… ask the tank to make small pulls, hope they listen.
2. Sprint and stay with the tank.
3. Order is a little bit flexible but E4E (Eye for an Eye) and divine seal + regen.

4. Consider using Holy (don’t forget to cleric stance). It’s an AoE stun + damage, stun being the important part. You can use Swiftcast to get the first Holy off (judgment call).
4.a. I usually do between 3 and 4 holy’s. 3 if it’s a warrior/squishy tank. 4 if I have leeway. Doesn’t leave me OOM and takes advantage of the stun time.
4.b. If you see the tank popping a lot of DCDs (Sentinel + rampart + foresight for example), or possibly even their invincibility move, this is a great time to cleric and holy. The heavy healing will come when those wear off. If it’s a warrior, you can then benediction them to full, just be aware of Holmgang’s short duration.
4.c. If you make a bad call, make it a habit to benediction first, then turn cleric off and start healing (1 step vs 2). Just… don’t make bad calls too often ~.^

5. If your CDs are down or you don’t think the tank will last long enough to get off even one holy, or if you’re just low on MP, stay out of cleric. DS is up often, but don’t forget about Presence of Mind (can pop this after a regen while waiting on the GCD, since it’s an off GCD ability.)
6. If you have no good AoE DPS but the tank does huge pulls anyway… cleric + holy is a judgment call once more. It uses up a chunk of MP, but it stuns things and makes them die that much faster. Either way you’re at severe risk of going OOM in this situation; try to practice excellent MP management.
7. Particularly while DS is up, try to cure I and take advantage of Freecure procs for cure II. Judgment call on how squishy your tank is.

8. Remember that Shroud of Saints isn’t just for getting MP back; it’s enmity management. If you pull hate on something and the tank is struggling, pop it. Do not pop it at the earliest point in a pull, however, as it only halves enmity that you currently have (i.e. if you pop it because you had regen up for a pull and the tank hasn’t flashed/overpowered yet, it’s not doing much).


I just wanted to create a thread thanking SE for making a brilliant set of final cut-scenes! I’ve commented on the forums several times about wanting the story and theme to be more gritty and serious. Similarly to the Dark Knight batman series or for anime fans, Attack on Titan.

Not so much everyone getting their limbs separated from their bodies all the time but just the desperation of the main protagonists in what would seem like hopeless situations. I am very much looking forward to Heavensward and again just want to thank SE particularly those who had the most influence on the story conceptually and those who actually choreographed all the movements etc. Brilliant display of story telling and the visuals/lighting at the end were amazing!

In short, I’m glad and thankful to know SE still has its ability to create an exceptional story that causes me to actually care about the characters who are in it. From ff6 (haven’t played the others) to ff12 (seemingly even ff15 from the demo) you continue to carry on the art of good story-telling.

Ps. Just a suggestions, despite Yoshi-P’s comments, it would go a long way to have our characters do more in cut-scenes besides watch and kinda frown/smile. Really look forward to you guys actually having our characters fight in the cut-scenes or be more involved somehow someway. I know its alot of work. But I’m confident your team is skillful enough and your fans/supporters are worth the time and effort in your eyes. Thanks!

(My original thread was deleted for spoilers I guess? So here it is again without the spoilers)

FFXIV Patch 2.55 new card NPC’s and changes to rules & card sets

Here are the changes they announced:

Triple Triad has been adjusted as follows:
– New NPC opponents for Triple Triad have been added.
* No icon for Triple Triad will display over these NPCs’ heads. Furthermore, challenging them will not count towards the achievements “Triple Team I” and “Triple Team II.”

– The deck used by certain NPCs has been adjusted.
– The rules in effect when challenging certain NPCs have been adjusted.

Triple Triad tournaments have been adjusted as follows:
– The number of matches in Triple Triad Tournaments has been adjusted.
– The number of points received for winning a match has been adjusted.
– Players will receive bonus MGP based on the number of points they have earned when a tournament ends.
– Players will be rewarded a Platinum Triad Card depending on the number of points they have earned when a tournament ends.

Is random rule against npc’s now changed so that the they have a bigger card pool now? New card npc’s locations and which cards they actually can drop? They didn’t really specify it that much what was actually changed with the npc’s and which npc’s in general.

I can’t play for the whole of today so I am merely curious what the patch actually changed with which npc’s.

Post here if you have any info on the new changes?

Revelations from FFXIV Patch 2.55 [SPOILERS]

Don’t forget to be courteous and keep unmarked spoilers and rampant discussion about new events in here while the first few waves go about their progress! But, the time has come! Let’s get down to business!

There’s not much new to add to the world-lore, but let’s start with three now-knowns:

The Son of Midgardsormr
Nidhogg is a son of Midgardsormr and the one who is rousing the others to war. The dragon seen landing on the bridge does not seem to be one of Midgardsormr’s children, however. Instead, Vishap is referred to as one of Nidhogg’s greatest champions.

Raubahn’s Adopted Son
The adopted lalafell Pipin Tarupin has glorious hair, a bull-horns helmet, and just as much honor as Raubahn.

Mechanic Limitations
By current indications, the time bubble still seems to be a thing. Plot armor, not so much. Content seems to go in order of patch release (though not necessarily level). So, for instance, there’s now evidence supporting the assumption that, despite their discrete lines, The Binding Coil of Bahamut happens before Syrcus Tower, and Syrcus Tower happens before The Final Coil of Bahamut. For further clarity, the battle with Ramuh would have taken place at the same time as Syrcus Tower and the Second Coil of Bahamut. Despite this there’s yet to be any evidence to make claims that time movement accompanies time passage.

Final Fantasy XIV White mage remain gimp because the can go scholar on real content?

Alot of people are stating at how white mages are fine and bring the raw healing to the table in progression but is that really the issue? White mages are weaker on everything when compared to scholars and the only real draw back is stacking issues from other scholars with shields. I trully feel that the white mage needs a rework from its 1.0 days to make them relevant in 2.0 and beyond now.

Two people who I know who supposedly main white mages who have beaten all turns of Bahamut coils play scholars for 90% of the content that they farm now. The fact that scholar and white mages can can share almost all the healing gear in the game lets white mages get away from badly needing an overhaul because you can just go scholar to be a crutch. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV White mage remain gimp because the can go scholar on real content?

FFXIV Latency issues

So a few hours ago ive gotten a noticeably larger ping and has still been a problem. Ive since done everything on my end to try combat it, and my ISP (dodo) says everything on their end says it should be fine. Ive since done several tracerts to several servers and the problem seems to lie with a ‘telstraglobal’ hop.
Here is a typical tracert to JP data centre (several tracerts and everytime the problem lies with this hop-10)

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops Continue reading FFXIV Latency issues