Poe 3.1 Marauder Builds

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No.1 [poe 3.1 builds] Double Strike Tank Guide [HC] Atziri/Ringwald/Avatar/Izaro/Guardians
There is a legend about a battle of Wasteland exactly where two armies collided on a battlefield. Throughout the extended fight, the man dressed in the black emerged from the shadows. He moved in between enemies while wielding burning knife and shield – agile and fast around the battlefield; the warrior was paring enemy attacks plus a lead-out instant and precise assault. The fire that changed the face of your battle and forced people today to run away.

+ medium clear speed,
+ nice single target harm,
+ cheap gearing (beneath 1ex)
+ you do not have to have any legacy items,
+ can cope with both reflect,
+ more than capped elemental resistances for Elemental Weakness maps,
+ capped chaos resistance for new chaos Exile,
+ large life pool,
+ can deal with all map mods (some are just irritating),
+ work effectively with a lot of ascendancy classes,
+ straightforward to study,
+ no lags or massive fps drops,
+ doing well in parties,
+ hardcore viable,
+ boss farm (Atziri / Ringwald / Avatar of Thunder / Izaro / Guardians),
+ permits to adjust build for your style (weapons / flasks / skills / Ascendancy).

– switching gems might be painful,
– lousy positioning is usually sometimes fatal,
– melee range,
– performing Shaper or Uber Atziri call for skill and time.

Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1321402

No.2[poe 3.1 build] 2H Warchief – SSF/HC/Starter

This build is a 2H Ancestral Warchief build applying Berserker. Vaal pacts nerf in 3.1 has certainly no effect on this build. It can be expected to execute as reliably as ever. I’ve played and noticed people play; this builds by way of beta, Harbinger, Turmoil, Mayhem, HC, and it had completed anything imaginable no matter the context.
Take that as my guarantee, in case you want.
This guide includes three versions of the build, utilizing all variants of 2H weaponry. They all begin incredibly comparable, then diverge into either the current Hatred hybrid version (applying Atziri’s Disfavour), the complete Brutality physical version (utilizing Starforge), or Elemental conversion (applying Brain Rattler) – credits to silicon life for the concept.

* Tanky
* Excellent single target
* SSF viable (hybrid version)
* Effortless to upgrade
* HC viable

* Clearspeed is only fine
* Totems not for everybody
* No leech

Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1920845

No.3 [poe 3.1 builds] Milky’s Righteous Fire Totems [Cheap, Shaper down again]
There might be some uniques, abyss jewels or shaper/elder mods that are valuable, but absolutely nothing is released for the build, however.
Will add something meaningful when I know about it (at the start of 3.1 possibly).The Build envision that some shaper/elder support rolled can no cost a gem right here and there for other utility, but probably nothing at all that adjustments the build drastically

+ No gear requirement, might be performed with complete rares. But one or two distinct uniques will not be harmful. Pretty Inexpensive.
+ Can do nearly every map mod
+ Many of the Harm comes in the Skilltree and Jewels, which are inexpensive for this build.
+ Can play a Magic Finder, Higher Harm or Tanky Character.
+ Excellent League starter with tiny gear requirements
+ High Tier maps viable
+ Can do any challenge and boss within the game

– medium evident speed may be quicker but also slower
– Desperate to see ground effects like Flamebearers
– Totem RF casting can be too delayed in genuinely good Partys.
– Annoying to some fleeing Enemies.
– RF totems of various player don’t stack.
– While getting a fantastic League starter, it has a slow start off until ~lvl 25
– Hall in the Grandmaster can’t be run, the only map that’s generally impossible. The purpose is: Totems are receiving one-shotted by chaos harm grandmaster

Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1904823

No.4 [poe 3.1 builds] BV MoM Pledge Uber Lab Farmer (budget to endgame) HH within a week
Vaal Pact has changed, and it does impact this build; on the other hand, this must nevertheless be an active league starter for Uber lab. I program to test this out devoid of Vaal Pact initially, also forgoing Cloaked in Savagery for War-Bringer. With an ability to restore a sizable chunk of overall health and mana on demand (to not mention acquire regen now) I think this build must be nearly as robust because it was in 3.0. If you want to find out it in action, I will be streaming live at www.twitch.tv/DonTheCrown with a concentrate on lab farming in the first week. I’ll update the guide as I discover the best course of action to take.
Stat Priority on Rares
1 – Maximum Life
2 – A single elemental resist (any resist you’re not capped on)
3 – Maximum Mana
four – Chaos resist (we do not need to have a ton in the lab)
five – Further resist

Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1997149

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