“Perks” would do soooo much for this game

Think about it. We do weekly tomestone caps for stat gear, raid drops for stat gear, hunts for stat gear, crafting for stat gear, pvp for stat gear, relic quests for stat gear, misc. for stat gear. So many different branches – but little incentive to play them all. Imagine how fun this game would be if there were greater incentives to branch out?

Imagine this scenario for BLM:

I play PvP because there’s a way for me to earn a head piece that can provide an auto-raise every 15 minutes (great for raids).

I craft because there’s a way for me to craft a belt (non-tradeable) that provides me 5% haste. The belt requires rare drops from dungeon chests which provides incentive to do dungeon runs outside of tomestone caps.

I grind for Tomestones because I can purchase gloves that add a new PvP ability that allows me to teleport to anyone in my party every 5 minutes on the battlefield. This will help me get that head piece I wanted (above).

I do hunts because there’s a chance that one will drop a crafting gear that would help increase the success rate to make the above mentioned belt.

I do raids because the weapons have the highest stats and gives me an extra weapon skill that that puts all enemies around my target asleep when I use the weapon skill,

I do relics because the stats are equal to (or close) to relic but provide an extra weapon skill that hits all enemies around my target with a poison mist.

The above probably aren’t the best examples (I came up with them within under a minute) but you get the point. Countless scenarios and countless ways the developers could create situational gear that we would strive to obtain. Gear that not only offers “perks” but unique abilities to go on our action bars that are only available when such gear is equipped.

Currently I don’t craft. Currently I don’t do PvP. Currently I don’t do relics. But if there were incentives for me to earn perks that I could not obtain elsewhere – it might be worthwhile to go after additional gear that has the same stats that I already have.

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