Player Assets deleted (FFXIV Housing)

Let me first say that ‘packing up’ or ‘rolling up’ houses and making way for actively subbing players is ALWAYS a great thing regardless of the online game. Ghosts of the past shouldn’t be interfering with the present.

That being said, Square’s decision to straight up DELETE your hard earned assets is alarming, shocking, and uninspired.

I am one of these people (Diabolos, Ventus Vero and Vengillian Vero). I was very excited to jump back into game when 3-4 friends said they wanted to all play an MMO and mentioned FF14 (originally left as life happens, new job, moving states, buying first house, death of mother). I found i had 5 days of game time for some reason, logged in and discovered the ugly truth. 2 GM tickets later it was confirmed that if you do not log in for 45 days, your house and all the items in it get deleted. I never got an email or I would have used my free game time to sell the house and store the items in my person FC bank. Anything but deleted en mass.

-Why couldnt square keep the ‘deed’ list? Why delete it completely. Is a 170KB or so file with itemIDs, gil, and positions for an instanced lot/house so crippling? We already know they ‘packed up’ houses and put them on vendors for all items and 80% of the gil, so why delete such a file for 45 days of inactive (even is actively subbed).

-Why not have a paid restoration? Even if, lets say, all 5 million subs or so get houses and then have them redeed, the collective item list/gil wouldnt be crippling (I offer to buy a couple 2TB drives…) but actively keeping something for nothing wouldnt be reasonable. You’ve got dozens of services on the mogstation already, including additional retainers and such. Why not capitalize on rolled up houses by charging for recovery of 80% gil and the items?
Everything here points to a conclusion along the lines of “We don’t care” or are talking steps to prevent re-subs. Clearing housing for active subs and archiving inactives… it could have been both, even at financial gain (i would have paid to just get the items and 80% gil back from my private house, over 2 years of memories there).

I was really excited to dive back in, wanted to get a collectors heavensward and catch up and see whats been going on. I’m sure the manderville man has been at it again. I left after the final coil came out/the golden saucer.

In the end, however, there is caution to advise to players investing in characters and assets in FF14 ARR when Square Enix will delete said investments so easily.

Just another sob story from some online player, im sure, but I wanted to relate plainly that if you own a house, your house and items will be deleted in 45 days if you dont log in and visit your house. I received a lot of “its just re-deeded in 45, you can pick it up from vendor” and other wrong misinformation. Definitely one of the best MMOs ive ever played (second in my mind only to my beloved SWG of old) but one must have principles, and this sort of practice is something I would prefer to avoid supporting, even if that means no more Hildebrand for me.

Perhaps one day Square will offer MogStation restorations of the gil and items (unlikely, but I am keeping the dream alive). Until then, take care of Eorzea for me (and stay classy Diabolos).

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