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Heya, as the title implies, I’m looking for a raidteam for 3.4 as either BRD, MNK, SCH or PLD. Haven’t looked much for a raidgroup since shortly after 3.3 because my group disbanded and after seeing A7S and A8S I kinda lost the interest in Midas, so I just subbed here and there. But the new tier looks more engaging so I’m looking for a raidgroup again. My role preferences are in the same order as listed above. Times I’m available to raid are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as I got school in the evening on the other days, but i can raid from the afternoon into the late-night on those days. If you are interested and from a different server, i’m not interested in changing the server, but we may can make it work with the raidfinder.

What I can bring to the team:
Fast progress-oriented mindset, while still having fun and being fully concentrated during the tries.
Raid-farm-experience starting from T1 back in 2.0 to A7S now on the classes named above and some other aswell and some experience in A8S as BRD and DRK.
Fast learner, aswell as fast to adjust to new mechanics (never watched/read a guide or clear/kill vid until i killed the fight myself and still rarely messed up a mechanic more then twice w/out knowing how to deal with it).
Good DPS on all the above named classes of course.
Always thinking about optimizing own- and raid-dps during progression and farm.
Always open to try new strats/ways in order to clear.

What i want from the team:
A group that has fun between the wipes during progress, but is fully concentrated during the actual tries.
Fast progress.
Keeping up good dps, while handling mechanics from everyone.
Optimizing your own- aswell as raid-dps.
And preferably (but not mandatory) atleast A7S clear.

If you are interested or got questions, leave a post here or hit me up ingame: Kite Kizoku

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