PLD is a very boring class compared to FFXIV WAR

First off, i’m not saying PLD is a bad class. But after leveling PLD up to endgame (EX Shiva, or Turn 6), and now through leveling WAR (currently only level 32), I can without a doubt say this is the most boring class in the game. There are a few reasons for this. I’m just going to compare skills, and how I feel using them when playing the class.


1) Overpower is a MUCH more satisfying AoE skill than Flash. I personally think Flash is better for enmity, but Overpower adds so much more functionality to the class since it’s an On-GCD AoE ability. I’ll gladly burn my TP on trash pulls knowing i’m hitting all of them.

2) Berserk adds a very noticeable increase in damage output, with a debuff afterwards that really makes it feel like you’re going all-out.

3) Defiance + Wrath mechanic (attack skills on GCD, with high potency and using Wrath Stacks) really adds to the whole feeling of being an axe-wielding monster tank. It helps provide the feeling of your power increasing as you fight, with high-potency attack skills at max stacks. It’s comparable to maintaining Greased Lightning / Astral Fire.


1) Essentially Flash, then Fast > Riot. Until level 26, you’re spamming that combo. Then Flash, Halone combo. Forever, always, unto infinity.

2) Vast majority of GLD skills are damage mitigation….which isn’t a bad thing, they are fantastic at their job as tanks. But shit is it sleep inducing. My HP is going faster, lemme use more CDs, ok back to halone.

3) They don’t get an AoE damaging ability until Level 50! And it’s DoT, off GCD, meaning it isn’t even satisfying to use. It’s a glorified Flash…literally. Use when avaliable, or when there’s no MP for flash, ok back to Halone.

4) The Paladin Skills…really, I think these were the most unsatisfying job skills in the game. Sword Oath grants 150 potency auto attacks, which is quite significant. The problem is that it’s 100% passive, it just happens and you have no control over it. I press a button, my DPS passively increases. You don’t even get the added satisfaction of seeing your damage numbers increase…it just puts a 50 potency tick by your autoattack. Boring. Shield Oath is the same way, you just die less and hit weaker, end of story.

5) Spirits Within has no synergy with any of the other PLD skills. Off GCD, use it when its up, yay more DPS. Hallowed Ground is another silly one that comes at the END of the road, as opposed to Warrior where you get it before you even cap.
Again, functionally there’s absolutely nothing wrong with PLD. It’s just that it’s supremely boring to play. There’s no satisfaction mechanics built into any of the skills, they’re almost entirely pure function and number benefits. Warrior has alot of its survivability built into its DPS skills, which just makes it feel way more active than PLD, where I start dying and then just press a button that makes me stop dying.

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