Please hide Au Ra “extra” horns when equipping Dried Oldroses etc

I was really looking forward to the dried oldrose as hair accessory but can’t use it because the clipping with those little extra horns on some hairstyles for female Au Ra is unbearable:


I don’t have anything against those extra horns, even though I could also live without them. Would have been better if they were optional. But I can’t put the pretty roses in my hair because it looks so stupid with those horns completely cutting into the rose.

Please, please make it so that the small horns become invisible when equipping hair accessories like oldroses or things like the Botagyr’s Circlet of Healing!
The horns ALREADY become invisible if you equip a Velveteen Bandana so it should be possible. ^^
Even though it doesn’t make sense for them to become invisible. But it’s just unfair that if you want to use a hairstyle with small horns on it that you can’t use hair accessories because of the clipping.

It was even said that since Heavensward headgear is designed with Au Ra horns in mind…

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