Please, secondary dye Final Fantasy XIV areas. Help me not be hideous

This game is gorgeous. The characters we can make are gorgeous. But, for the love of Hydaelyn, we need to be able to dye all regions of armor.

Either introducing a secondary dye color to dye the trim, or something like on Woolen Bliaud where the decorative stripes are just a darkened version of the dye color. Even a couple of trim “options” so that I can coordinate better.

“Just dye everything brown, Isondre,” you may be saying. “That way it will match the ubiquitous brown!”

Fine, but there is literally nothing I can do with this, my personal hell, Felt Gown:

Nothing goes with both brown AND gray. Something ends up clashing horribly. Please let me dye the collar and/or the underlayer!

I’d be happy if I could dye these all one color:

I know this request has probably been made before, but it is still something we want. Please consider it.

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