Please visit Ch46 of my Heavensward Craft Guide

There are a number of issues that you’re not doing it quite right, and there are a number of things which you have not optimized yet:

(1) Firstly, your Innovation should not be there. You should not use Innovation that early on Hasty Touches when IQ was only 1. It’s a waste of CP with very minimal effect. In contrast, it should be used as late as possible to span over your Byregot’s Blessing, and if possible, the last touch before BB as well.

(2) Now that you have Byregot’s Blessing, you should NEVER go back to Rumination. I think you underestimated Byregot’s power because you do not realize how to set up your finisher phase of your rotation. Great Strides + Byregot is a minimal MUST. You should never use Byregot alone. If possible, you even want Innovation in there, or even Ingenuity II. You should always plan a SH or SH II to cover it as well to make sure it’s 100% secure. Examples of different kinds of Byregot finisher phases can be found in my original crafting guide Part 1 – Ch12A. The basic concept of end-game crafting is to use the most CP efficient way to build up a formidable IQ stack, and then use all your CP to buff up your Byregot for one final blow. Even if you’re only sitting at 12% HQ rate before the Byregot, the Byregot will immediately send you to 100%. If you’re not realizing the power of this yet, you really gotta try it out!

(3) If you’re crafting a 70 or 80 durab item, you should NOT be repairing it at around 40 durab. I assume when you said “repair”, you meant Master’s Mend (92 CP)? If this is the case, you’re using the worst possible way to repair. Our of all 3 “repair” skills (Manipulation, Master’s Mend, Master’s Mend II), MM is least CP efficient skill. In contrast, MM2 is the most CP efficient skill of all. If you’re dealing with 70/80 durab items, you should try to reduce durab down to 10/20, and use MM2 to recover 60. This will save you 24 CP comparing to using 2x MM. If you still have extra CP to spare, you can throw down a Waste Not to touch 2 more times. If you’re crafting a 40 or 35 durab item, you should be using Manipulation. For 40/35 durab items, please visit Ch46 of my Heavensward Craft Guide.

(4) Ingenuity II can greatly assist in “progress”. No one should be using more than 4 steps to craft any 70/80 durab items below level 60. If you find yourself using more than 4x CS II, then you need to make use of Ingenuity II. If you plan to use Ingen2, you should plan to have it spans across your Byregot as well. Thus, the final phase should be something like this:
Great Strides

By reducing the number of CS II used for completion, you can use those steps for Hasty Touches to build up a even higher IQ stack for the Byregot.

(5) You should be using either Stone Soup, Bouillabaisse or Baked Onion Soup when you’re crafting. Stone Soup adds 17 CP, and cost only 37 gil from Gold Saucer. Do not underestimate 17 CP. It’s A LOT that can change the whole world for you if you know how to utilize it.

With the above methods, unless you’re vastly undergeared, you should be reaching 100% HQ rate most of the times (even if you use all pure NQ mats to craft) especially when you have all lvl 50 cross class skills to help you out.

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