Problem are the presumptions made about the Au Ra and Dark Knights

I believe the biggest contributions to your problem are the presumptions made about the Au Ra and Dark Knights.

Au Ra weren’t invented until years after the Five Races and Eorzea as a whole, and they went through several stages – from bunnies to wolves to dragons to demons and eventually pulling [what the dev. team believed was the] best attributes of each. And then they had them come from a continent we’ve never seen, starting with an NPC who felt that Au Ra were so rare in Eorzea that she shouldn’t even feel comfortable showing her face for fear of yet another novelty to explain. It’s not like Dunesfolk Lalafell, which are implied to have adapted to Thanalan, or Duskwight Elezen, which are implied to have adapted to deepwood caves. Once an Au Ra (or their ancestors) left Othard, they could go anywhere for any reason.

Images released for Heavensward public relations (“PR Stills”) feature Dark Knights as Au Ra not because the two are meant to go together in any way, but because they wanted to show off as many 3.0 assets as possible at the same time. New expansion – new race – new jobs. If 4.0 suddenly brings Red Mage and Bunny Boys, you can bet your cottontail what race the RDM in the reveal video and art will be. But that doesn’t imply any connection or “meant-to-be-ness”.

Jobs and classes change over time. For example, Allag (Third Astral Era) had arts that were remarkably similar (if not identical) to conjury, but Conjurers as we know them today developed only 500 years back from using what simple charms survived the persecution of mages after the War of the Magi to commune with the Elementals of the Twelveswood. Dark Knights are an Ishgardian job that arose from the fact that the clergy are seen as righteous while, in truth, the highborn of the faith are often corrupt and prey upon the commonfolk. Some knights turn against this binary, seeking “true” justice by defending the “right” people by any means necessary. They harness Darkness, fight dirty, and forsake honor and glory in exchange for being true to themselves and getting the job done: defend the meek, punish the wicked.

At the time Dark Knights arose in Ishgard, Au Ra weren’t even really around. Some of the few that did show up were killed for being a tad too dragon-like.

The Au Ra have such a small presence about which there is so little information that no one thing works better than anything else. All that changes is how that particular Au Ra fit into that particular place after they’d already gotten there. Honestly, if it’s taken this much of your time, I would just take a random number generator, such as this one, and set it to roll between 1 and 999. [1-333] Limsa Lominsa [334 – 666] Ul’dah [667 – 999] Gridania. Whatever it lands on, take that as meant to be and forge your own path. Worst case scenario, you defy the RNG if you finally realize what you want while the coin is in the air, so to speak.


And by all of that I mean Limsa Lominsa. You should choose Limsa Lominsa. I mean, Gridania isn’t very fond of outsiders, right? You’d have to prove yourself to stuck-up Elezen and live by the Elementals and avoid the woodsin all to move to Ishgard and harness Darkness. And Ul’dah banned the beast tribes entirely fifteen years ago. If Ishgardians give Au Ra the stink-eye for being a bit too dragon-ey, I bet those black scales and tails would remind more than a few desert-dwellers of the Amalj’aa. But Limsa? Limsa is where you can do you, and if anyone takes issue with it you kick them right in the jimmy and everyone says it was the right decision. Plus you could start as a Marauder (aka Executioner) and work your way up to the guillotine greatswords of the Dark Knight, stopping by Ul’dah just long enough to get your cross-class actions.

Till Sea Swallows All! TILL SEA SWALLOWS ALL!
<is dragged out of the thread, still screaming>

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