PS4 – Error CE-30022-7 / Unable to download patch files [20512][25008][20525] Error

So, it’s been 6 days.

Patch 3.2 is totally ruined for us, we missed on our chance to enjoy the story with our friends and community, we missed our chance to enjoy battle content and learn them with our friends from scratch, we missed our chance to make FFXIV Gil from impulse buyers in Marketboard, we have been spoiled on everything, we have lost all dailies and weeklies, and we been robbed of 6 days of our hard earned money of our subscription, AND our ISP bills that will be through the roofs for those of us with data caps.
I could forgive all these. I really could.
But Square-Enix has not even acknowledged the issue, has not replied to the numerous topics here with what happened with that error [CE-300022-7] and even then, I took the advice of fellow players, killed my data cap for the month, deleted the entire 40 GBs of data from my PS4, and redownloaded it.
Then I logged in and started to download the patches.

Going to work all day, when I returned……
“Unable to download patch files [20512][25008][20525]”
I’m sorry, but I want to know how I can get an immediate refund of my current six month subscription + six month of 6 extra retainers to FINAL FANTASY XIV worth of 116.40 Euros that I bought last week, basically where I can get a live rep to talk through it right now.
Unless Square Enix issues an official response immediately, promises to fix the issues by tomorrow, and extends our subscriptions the whole week of downtime.

Not that this would make things right, as 3.2 is 100% ruined for us.

I never thought of this. I also had done the same thing, bought PS3 Collector’s Edition, and upgraded for free on PS4.
Do you think we will have a problem?

I deleted the whole install, and went to my Library and found FFXIV:ARR there and re-downloaded it alongside its add-on Heavensward.
Right now I’m trying to install the patches a 2nd time (5 GB/9.5 GB so far, crosses hands), if for any reason any problem happens again and I can’t access my paid product, and Square-Enix doesn’t officially respond by tomorrow, I may have to pursue this legally.

I will still be demanding my 6 days back even if all goes well, because I have been locked out of what I paid for these 6 days, without a word from Square-Enix.

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  1. Just bought the game from PS4 Store. Took all night to download but now I can’t get it to start because of these patch files problems -[20512][25008][20525] Error.

    Could you please let me know how to fix this? Do I have to buy the Heavensward disk to play? 🙁

  2. Just found out that all PS4 consoles will be down for maintenance do to the patch issue. show be able to re download everything past midnight tonight.

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