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Just started recently like a week or two ago but i’ve noticed that alot of people like to do their own thing…when its a team game..i dont get the logic in that..if you wanted to do your own thing w/o a team then why not go wolves den..test your skill there instead of testing your skill on trying to kill 10 guys by yourself..ok enough ranting about the wolves in the team game.

Tip #1 – stay coordinated as a team ( there will be times where you will be forced to be split up due to having multiple bases), figure out where your enemies are and decide whether or not to abandon post to regroup or to let your enemies fight it out with each other. pretty much listen to group chat n watch map to see whether or not each move is best for team.

tip # 2 – avoid the fight if it isnt neccessary, there are times when two team just go at it due to some unknown hatred for each other, these are the best time to steal bases as they are the least guarded, no point joining the fight when your just chilling and raking in points ( think boss mode, why dirty your hands when you can get your opponents to take themselves out) .. also DONT FIGHT IN OPEN GROUND WITH NO BASES TO GAIN…unless of course its like 1-2 wolves lurking then ya, kill them asap.

tip # 2.5 – exemption to rule # 2 is if you are in last or second position and #1 is about to win next round, then you must, gather all forces and attack the fck outta them.
ex – #1 – should never engage unless neccessary to defend or get a node
#2 – same as above unless margin betweeen points is big then you should be fckin wit them unless fcking with them puts you down to #3 then its better to find nodes where you get # 1 n 3 to fight each other
# 3 – should be pushing as a whole group together to either get kills or let #1 n 2 fight while you steal nodes.
-since there are too many examples, lets just say use strategy depending on nodes,positions and your rank.

tip #3 – which brings me to this. dont chaseeee enemies into ttheir own territory. i know you might think its just one guyr running away..but hes running towards his group..n if you end up getting caught, you just lost your kill and pts for the team. so dont.

tip # 4- holding multiple bases is obviously a good thing right? ya it is, unless your holding onto 3 and your forces are spread evenly among them. if that is the case, it is ALWAYS better to drop one of them to regroup to the most densed allied bases.(2 at most) even if 3 are cclose, drop the one outside or prepare for incoming onslaught from both teams. EXCEPTION TO THIS IS IF BOTH TEAMS ARE FIGHTIGN FOR ONE BASE, then by all means keep all 3.

tip # 5 – MIDDLE OR BASES INBETWEEN TWO ENEMY BASES are the worst fckin positions you can be in. best strategy for this is to let the enemy/enemies attack you while you arent there trying to fight both sides. and sneakily steal the one thats attacking your mid the hardest. that way you end up surrrounding the mofo that tried to jack u.

tip # 5.5 – Being in spots where there are only one or two entrances are the BEST. think “300” and spartans, while they rush in one by one you are fckin them up. try to get yourself in those positionings. (high ground nodes, corner nodes, any nodes with 1-2 paths in)

tip # 6 – when you are outnumbered 1-3+, dont engage! cuz realistically your not fckin spartans, so dont die for no reason. even if you are highground. does not mean shit when you have 5vs 15. ABANDON THE NODE N REGROUP! (only exception is if your whole team was already on their way there because of only node)

tip # 7 – while engaged in raid battles, it is always best to take out the healers ASAP, if prolonged. the fight could take minutes which is good if you are defending, but thats only one base..and your enemy can easily have taken the other 3.
7.1 – best class to take out healers are range (mch,brd,smn) debuff the fk outta them, silence,stun,harass. the more they focus on themselves, the less time they have on focusing on their team, which is then ALOT more easy for your team to kill enemies…nin are also good for harrassing but if you get too close into enemy lines, you;l die in secs, so best b range.

tip # 8 – dont bash on the guy that speed types and ends up with sentences like “gt outa mid! thy rushn in” because he just wants to help the team win instead of losing especially with obvious strategies..(venting) which i still dont get because its still clearly understandable..i think.and dont be racist jus cuz im chinese n eng typing perfectly isnt my strong point in war games.

tip # 9 – running outta obvious tips, so il end off by saying, play as a team and you will win, divided you will fall, together you will conquer! . remember this is a war pvp game, so just getting points and killing enemies will not always win the game, use strategy accordingly to the rng of the game.

also i didnt take time to read or edit post so dont bash me on grammer, if you dont understand the concept then ask n il explain. GL HF

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