Regarding Housing and small suggestion for the Demolish system

Hello, this is not a complain thread over the houses shortage, or anything similar, just suggestions to “improve” the life of those wanting to buy a house, or get rid of their house in a legal/accepted way.

So we are all aware that reselling houses is against the rules and that if someone needs/wants to get rid of their house either because they are transferring servers, or because they do not want to bother with it anymore, or because real life forces them to take a extended break from the game. The only way to properly do this where the player isn’t at major loss, is to wait for the auto demolish time to kick in and give the player back 80% of its value.

This being the case, why not simply make it a rule, where demolished houses gives the player 80% of its value, this being because of auto demolish or because the player chose to get rid of it.

My second suggestion is regarding the items that are bound to the house, and disappear when you leave a FC (in case of FC or private rooms items) or if you demolish your house to buy a new one.

Why this bound system even exists? There are a lot of items, some being hard to get, some even cost real money and some other are events exclusives, they are bound to the plot and you lose them in any of the situations listed above. Wouldn’t it be more fair to the players if these items were not bound to the house, but it became Binding where they are untradeable, so they cannot be resold in the market, but the player can pick them up and store them for future use? it just feels wrong, mainly if you get kicked from a FC and your room rare/bound items disappear.

As for house illegal reselling, sadly I can’t think of many ways to fix this problem, I assume that if players didn’t buy overpriced houses from other players, eventually the sellers would stop buying plots and losing money over it. But, there is always people with too much ffxiv gil and they don’t care for the prices, so it really doesn’t feel like this issue will ever stop, to all honesty, I don’t think house reselling is a great way to make money, but that is just me, and the risk that comes with it, not worth it in my opinion. I rather gather, craft and sell stuff and make just as much money as someone who is trying to resell 1 house and profit from it.

Anyway this is just my 2 cents about it, have fun!

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