Regroupment of Ninja Improvement Suggestions

Recently i’ve seen a lot of “Please buff Ninja” topic, and I have to agree with some of them.

There are multiple difficulty non-needed with the Ninjas, multiple useless skills and differents issues.

The first one is the LAG issue. We’re all aware that this issue is from our Internet Provider and not SE. But the fact is, Ninjas are the only DPS so much sensitive to ping. People that live far away from server OR great cities shouldn’t be penalized. Most of Ninjas can’t play this Job at his maximum potential because of lags.

Many suggestions have been made.
– Redesigning the entire Ninjutsu mechanic bye replacing the useless MP bar by a Chakra energy bar. Still 20s cooldown on Ninjutsu but no Mûdra, only consuming Chakra Point (which regen while hitting a target, maybe) and pressing an ususal 3 steps jutsu like Suiton will just launch a 1.5~cast (each mudras are .5s CD atm). So no delay from 2-3 steps Mûdra lags.
– If not redesigning, Maybe just take the 2nd part of the first suggestion.

The actual difficulty of the Ninjutsu is only to handle servers ping which is not really pleasant and not really a “difficulty” but a problem. Memorizing them take only a few hours past lv.50, not much difficult.

Useless Skills :

– Sneak Attack : This skill is just useless. In a raid you’ll never be in front and have a 100% accuracy. Even if you have these two conditions, it will always be better to go back and launch Trick Attack instead.
Suggestions :
– Delete it and replace it by an OGCD abitily which will deal less damage
– Make it as the 3rd combo of Shadow Fang, even if it still had positional requirement and lower potency, it’ll always be better than a totally useless 500 potency frontskill

Aggro management.
These are cool, but only one of them is enough. This is a DPS improvement for the tank but comon. You use smoke screen at the pull on the OT at pull. And Shadewalker on the MT at the pull again, and that’s all, you’ll never use it again in a fight. EXCEPT if the MT died, which is not supposed to happen without a wipe.

One of them is enough, replace one or at least, “Shadewalker”, add a buff on it. Like 5% damage for the owner, this is not much for 15s every XXs, and will make us use it more often in a fight.

– TP issues, i’ve seen some cool idea

Or just allow us to Goad ourself

Others Change :

This one is usefull but to use it you have to do more step than a simple jump like monk or dragoon and is 60s cooldown. (Mnk is 30s, drg is 60s but 2 jump.)

It should be a buff instead of an ability. This buff could be like

And we are Rogue – Ninja, so a backjump is not really surprising and totally convenant

Trick Attack. Our ability that make Ninja viable for raid.
The positional requirment for the vulnerabilty has no more reason to exist. Yes for damage, but no for vulnerability.
DRG 2.0 has positional requirment for buff then they remove it, why are the Ninja the only one with thing like this again?

AoE boost. Our AoE damage are by far the lowest in the game, this is not really balanced!

I didn’t find others good suggestions (good = not too broken) and I think all of the seggestions listed below are fine and could help the Ninjas actual issues without making them first dps or any sh*t.
OF Course I know if all these improvement we’re added simultaneously Ninjas would be totally overpowered, I don’t ask SE to add all of these,but just take a look and why not take some of them

Allowing crit on Duality can be good. I mean, there is still a random condition (crit or no crit) so yeah why not, this could be a good improvement

Oh yeah, DwaD is one of the animation skill you never see. This skill is designed for 3.0sec GCD, you’ll never see his full animation in an actual fight wqith our Huton (even without I think)
Each hit should be faster or redesigned !

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