Reminder On What Was Actually Said Regarding PS3 Support After 3.0

I just left a thread where more speculation on future PS3 support was spoken as if it was fact. What’s going on here, IMO, is a giant game of internet ‘telephone’. A development comment was made before HW released (almost 2.5 years ago) regarding the future of the PS3 and has somehow morphed into multiple variations and rumors. This is a translated excerpt from the article posted on 2.20.2014 from (translated by a Redditor; Emiliam).

Regarding future of PS3 version:

Do you plan to continue to support the PS3 version even after the PS4 version is released?

Y: At this moment, we’ve already begun work on the expansion pack, and I can tell you that at the very least the PS3 version will be supported up to that point.

Does that mean there’s a possibility that PS3 users will no longer be able to continue playing beyond that expansion?

Y: It may be a possibility in the future.

How far off in the future are we talking about here?

Y: That will depend on how long people continue to play on the PS3. I’ve mentioned in the presentation this morning that I want to make sure that “FFXIV continues to innovate”, and there’s certainly the possibility that whatever innovation we seek will come with certain technical requirements. For example in EQN, which I mentioned earlier, it would not be possible to realize certain things like physic-based gameplay without meeting the hardware prerequisites. So if this becomes something that players want and we start to see people leave for rival products, then we can’t just sit around twiddling our thumbs either. After all, we too need to ensure we have the necessary weapons to take on other MMORPGs in the future.

For example, if we were to have a large-scale FATE where players can ride on a flying mount and freely fly around and swoop down at a dragon that is 200 meters long, players would probably be impressed and entertained. However, it would also require us to raise the minimum requirement when it comes to hardware specs.

Our aim has always been to develop the game so that players can have the same experience no matter which hardware they play on. However, if we were to become too fixated on this and become unable to innovate, then this will cease to be a FF game. So I do not plan to say that we will support the PS3 version forever. At the same time, I’m not saying that we’ll be ending support by next year or anything like that either, so don’t worry.

A second comment was made on 10.25.2014 regarding PS3 support, reported by Gamer Escape:

Q&A with the Development Team
Plans to phase out support for the PS3 will be made whenever the system can no longer accommodate their ambitions. It won’t be in Version 3.0, but it will be reassessed in the development of Version 4.0 and on, if necessary.

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