Returning player looking to get back into the savage raiding scene

As the titles states I’m a returning player that’s just trying to get back into the loop of endgame content.

I’ve played XIV heavily since 2.3 and am somewhat of a quality player since I learn quick and adapt well to new situations. Challenging endgame content has always been the most enjoyable part of XIV for me.

I’m very patient when it comes to raiding-mentality, preventing past mistakes and always trying to improve are two of the things I’m familiar with.

Most other threads expect top-notch gear and knowledge of the current raid instances, since I don’t really have either I’ll put up a couple past accomplishments instead.

ARR: Cleared all ex primals when they were relevant (from 2.3 onwards, i.e. Ramuh), The Binding Coil of Bahamut and the second Coil. Took a break from raiding for the Final Coil due to conflicting timezones – used to play Leviathan (NA). I’ve mained PLD and BLM at the time.

HW: Cleared A1S-A2S within the first two weeks of release, however, early A3S progression, the drought of content after the release of the expansion and real-life complications caused a massive burnout, causing me to quit raiding. Mained BRD for Gordias, which I’ve dropped with the release of 3.2 in favor of NIN. I’ve played casually to not at all but when picked up by a group of friends I quickly memorized the mechanics for Sephi Ex and cleared it within the first few pulls with fairly competetive dps. My tank of choice for casual content is WAR.

Right now I’m residing on Cerberus, wanting to tackle extreme trials and interested in the current Savage raiding scene, I wouldn’t mind transferring in order to do so. My NIN sits @ i225 with Sephi Daggers that are going to be replaced by the Lore Daggers this week, my WAR is undergeared (just below i215) but I’m slowly progressing through the relic quest and planning to gear up after my NIN is all decked out in terms of lore gear.

I have no experience with Midas besides normal mode and wouldn’t mind being pulled into a fresh static as much as an experienced one. I’ll adjust quickly either way.

I’m free practically everyday of the week after 6pm EST+1 and comfortable with core raiding times (3-4 hours)
Must’ve been a long read, so thanks for your time!

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