Reverse Auction Board

The Reverse Auction Board feature!

Who: For everyone with access to an auction board.

What: A feature that lets you ask for items and you put up how much you would pay for them. The person delivering the items would just need to bring them to an Auction Board and would immediately be paid the amount upon delivery. The delivered items would then be given to the recipient’s retainers for pick-up.

Where: Auction Boards in major cities.

When: Any time of the day.

Why: The purpose of this feature is to provide an organized medium for people in need of items while also providing a way for players to earn Gil.

Breakdown (Request)
Step 1: Go to an Auction Board.
Step 2: Request and item and how much of it you want.
Step 3: Deposit how much Gil you will give for your request.
Step 4: Wait for your request to be filled.
Step 5: Retrieve the items from your Retainer once your request has been filled!

Breakdown (Fill Order)
Step 1: Go to an Auction Board.
Step 2: Peruse the requests.
Step 3: Pick a request and deposit the items.
Step 4: Immediately receive the payment.

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