FFXIV : This White Mage has SKILLS

I’m not sure that’s ever been the case. My current FC is about 50/50, and my encounters with other FCs seem to follow that model as well. My old WoW guild also had a healthy number of both guys and girls. I think the real difference is that now that voice chat is prevalent and makes it more noticeable, whereas before many guys simply assumed everyone was a guy.

When you’re in a party of 4 or more, your party has a shared Limit Break meter that builds as you fight. Everyone shares the same Limit Break Meter, so when someone uses a Limit Break, no one else can use it until it builds up again. You can build up for a more powerful Limit Break when your party has the maximum of 8 players, and when you’re fighting the final boss of a dungeon or trial. The effect of the Limit Break depends on the role of the player using it – melee DPS does an absurdly powerful single-target attack, physical ranged DPS does a linear AOE in front of them, magic DPS does a circle AOE wherever they want, tanks reduce the damage taken by the party for a short time, and healers restore HP and MP to the party. The most powerful healer Limit Break, seen in this video, completely restores the HP and MP of all party members within range, including those who are dead.

Trash healers. People think this is good just because the healer can press limit break… 1:55 had 18 secs to heal that dps ONCE… seriously. Should have had enough time from healing the tank to get at least one heal off on him. Here’s a thought maybe if the White Mage was actually good 7/8 of the party members wouldn’t have been dead in the first place. Good dodging, heals are meh.

Top comments are on about the voice. So disrespectful. owo I bet most of these people would be very heated if someone poked about something of them they didn’t like. If the voice gets to you that much mute, if you can’t watch without it next video or leave a dislike if you desire. Internet forbids if you see positives over negatives.

nothing special in this video except you all suck at the game. ifrit hard is so easy a monkey slapping the keyboard could clear it. uninstall and save yourself some trouble.

The reason for it is because I (the other healer in the video) kept dying. Hoshi had only started recording after Celi had already been kiting for like 5-10 minutes, and Celi tried to raise me twice but I died each time because it was my first time to the fight and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was an MP drain at that point.

I’m capped in Realm Reborn so for people like me this is still primary content. For most people, Hard is just for people wanting Poetics or Items, or quest progress which is mostly limited to just Relic progress. Everyone is synced down to level 50 but I don’t think it syncs level 50 player item levels.

I left WOW for ff14, its fantastic. The only issue I have is that i tried to get my bros to switch so they tried the 14day free trial and itgot them so frustrated they said ‘hell no’ to ffxiv with out ever playing. SE needs to fix the free trial fiasco. It didn’t work for me either when I tried it. I gave up and a month later said screw it and dove in.

well how can they hack your account?

They found a new way to deal with Botters now, they don’t always ban them, one of my friend got caught botting so they lowered every skills he botted back to what they were before botting. He had 99 fletching / fishing and cooking and now he’s 5 fletch, 5 cooking and 39 fishing just so he couldn’t keep fishing lobster.

when i was low level i DID buy rs gold and i got around 7m for 20$. the next month i also got 2m for 5$ and it kept happening, i am now making money fairly and its more rewarding feeling then buying it.

the reason why jagex actualy cracked down on RWTwas because Jagex was losing money from LawSuits because the the accounts that they used to get the money’s memberships were payed for by stolen credit cards so all these people were sueing jagex to get their money back and Jagex lost money so they fixed it.

odds are they have tons of accounts that they play on, and then they juss give u tons of tricks until you have maintained the amount your purchased…higher money orders could be a trip to GWD

well how can they hack your account? if u got email, credit card, and recovery questions its impossible tbh. although i would still never do this because they would find a way to fuck up ur account. and btw the money is made by jap’s who take 12-hour shifts of killing green dragons.

FFXIV Palace of the Dead Floors 1-50 Overview & Guide

Although I agree with this its still frustrating as in 4 runs on 41-50 we have wiped for various different reasons. Not asking them to change it just saying. I had an easy time getting my DRG weapon where as the warrior is proving to be more difficult.

The worst thing is that a new ,,trend” is already forming where people purposely wipe on floor 49 if they havent gotten an upgrade… while i can see that ypu dont want to do floors 1-41 again simply for another chance of getting an upgrade this is insanely frustratrating and infuriatin, epecially in a matched party when u are farming the shards.

today this happend 3 times to me where people pulled the entire floor and wiped the group because of this, and i think that this is, especially in a matched party, absolutely inacceptable, from now on i will report these players in the player support, im not accepting some cunts wasting my time because they didnt get their fucking upgrade….

This was fun. I hope there’s more later down the line. I’m challenging myself to see how far I can get solo Pld. From what I’ve experienced solo, its not really the mobs that are a problem, but the traps mess me up really hard. Got me playing like Dark Soul a bit. Everything is cautious, even the chests.

I just had a group started with 2 warriors a monk and a blm 41-50. I(warrior) start out with the monk behind me as the blm found his way to coffer with a mimic almost instant death the other warrior though tried his best fell to it as well. Mind you this is our 1st floor. We pushed to the revive Carin where after the second enemy in the room and two left the monk decides to try another route solo as the blm leaves the duty. I finish killing the third as the monk dies and then kill the fourth. Still not enough so i find I Minotaur patrolling and kill that. Finally I can revive them as the monk wanted me to suicide. The moment I revive them we get a great healer . Saving the run but pressed for time we made it to Edna. Unfortunately the other warrior and I are were the only ones to not got hit by cold feet and after the second cast of it enough glyphs were lit. Very long story short…a waste of my time yet an enjoyable one nonetheless.

In regards to a replacement prize for the earrings


I couldn’t agree more. I’m not going to get top ten, never will – but to replace the top ten reward with something so pathetically small and unnoticeable is offensive and patronising to a community that is already struggling. Earrings are literally the most unnoticeable thing you could possibly get in the game… Hardly fitting for those who work tirelessly to reach the ranks and points needed from day one.

I can only hope that the achievement to get the minion is just as time-consuming as achieving top ten. 1000 feast wins. 2000 feast games. PvP has desperately needed something to attract people to it — a minion can, and is, doing that, but due to complaints is now getting removed.

In regards to a replacement prize for the earrings… Personally, I think it should 100% be the minion still. To the people complaining about how this minion is an insult to minion collectors… What abot retired minions? Yokai minions, for example, that are now unavailable… Why not complain about them? Why not complain about the as8 faust minion? Not everything in this game is meant to be so easily available.

I am a really devoted PvP player and have been pvping on this game since wolves den/fold came out. I have placed in top 100 twice now, and plan on continuing to do so. However if the rewards are just ‘earrings’ or other small, nearly unseen thing, and everything cool is handed out like candy to even non top-100 I will probably move on to a different place to pvp.

If SE had announced that only the first 10 players in each data center that collected enough Yo-Kai medals and cleared A8 savage got those minions I would have expressed disappointment about them as well. It’s not a matter or difficulty so much as that it was outright impossible for everyone interested to get the Feast minions regardless of effort.

This is stupid as all hell. I PvP when I feel like it, however I don’t compete on the top tier scene like I would normally do on PvE content. Therefore, I have no need to be able to get this minion that is set apart specifically for PvP-oriented players. Let them have their stuff. PvE-oriented players already have our own stuff (like Savage mounts, etc.). There’s nothing stopping either group of people from competing for the other exclusive rewards other than the fact that raiding isn’t a seasonal thing. Still, there’s no reason not to allow the PvP crowd their own exclusive stuff.

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