SCH in 3.0. Some thoughts while healing A3S

Hey all.

It is quite rare for me to start a thread like this one.
However, this time I would like to share my opinion on the state of the SCH job in Alexander savage.

My static has been trying to down A3S for some time now. We are currently at last phase, with quite a few hours of practice under our belt.

I have been a full time SCH since 2.0 was released, and always cleared endgame content before nerfs happened. I always believed SCH to be a very versatile and fun job.

However, now that I am in A3S, I am starting to doubt myself.

While SCH got some nifty new tools, hardly anyone of them seem to be particularly relevant.

In progression content, what matters is “reliability”. This is one of the reasons AST is not viable. Fights are all scripted, and groups need to find strategies that work well most of the time in order to reach the latest part of the fights in order to practice them. There is no room for “luck” – consistency is key.

SCH has always been rather rng-based, since its best tool has always been Adloquium, an awesome spell which sadly becomes stupidly MP inefficient when it does not crit.

And this brings me to my next point. Where has our beloved crit gone? SE probably believed that stacking secondary stats too much would allow players to cheese through content, and this is why they streamlined the whole system by severely reducing the importance of those stats. Way easier to balance stuff, this way.

However, now Adlo is a much less useful tool than before. Solo healing is much more of a problem, as well as dpsing. WHM, on the other hand, is now able to do pretty much as much dps as a SCH (if not more, during burst dps checks…hello, Living Limb), by exploiting Presence of Mind. Funnily enough, WHM seems to also be able to solo heal tanks more efficiently due to MP saving procs, as if Adlo does not crit, the SCH runs dry quite soon. Aetherflow stacks are needed for Indomitability and Lustrate when solo healing, so no Energy Drain to get some MP back.

In addition to this, Embrace got a huge stealth nerf which further diminishes the efficiency of SCH tank (and spot) healing.

Of course I am not saying it is not viable, far from it. However, I would say that WHM might come up on top at the end of the day, in terms of overall capabilities.

This is the opposite of 2.0, pretty much.

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