Should shield blocking be effective against magic damage?

This is not so much a proposal but more of a “fact check” for me because I am not experienced enough to pass a final judgement but I have some perceptions that I would like to have confirmed or corrected.

I have been thinking a lot about the efficiency of the PLD lately.
I have not played WAR extensively yet but from what I understand a paladin’s strength lies in the damage s/he absorbes before it hits her/him, i.e. defense strengthening buffs, shield blocking and the shield’s general added defense stats. The warrior on the other hand seems to be all about regaining hp (and having a huge pool of those) by using buffs that increase the pool’s size further, hp recovery/more efficient received heals and hp absorbtion from enemies.

Now what seems very off to me is that blocking only works on physical damage and furthermore the PLD seems to be very much built around physical opponents in general as they can only decrease physical damage on enemies (whereas WAR can decrease both) and only disable physical weapon skills (due to the fact that the skill that triggers this can only be activated by a physical block).

If you combine the last two points this would mean that one of the three aspects of a paladin’s damage mitigation that is intended to be in balance with WAR’s hp recovery mechanics just falls flat as soon as magical opponents are involved. However if I understand it correctly there is no such a thing for WAR, meaning that their defensive mechanics work against both physical and magical opponents. That obviously sounds like a disadvantage on paper regarding paladin’s viabilty and versatility.

I have made a few experiences where this caused problems but I have not raided end game content yet and am unable to estimate whether this is a variable that greatly impairs a paladin’s efficiency against magic based opponents in end game, so I would like to know if this has ever been detrimental to high end paladins or if it is neglectible.

If it is noticable would you want that a shield can also block magic damage?
From my amateur perspective I tend to be in big favour of this. I don’t feel as if it would overpower PLD but rather even the perceived gap. But maybe my observations are wrong so I would really like to hear some other perspectives.

(Please don’t ask about lore here as to how a shield would block magic damage. How does a warrior regain hp from their enemies. Do they eat them in between attacks? This aside, in a world of magic a good shield could have been crafted with magic components to be effective against such attacks.)

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