So unless patch notes were wrong we don’t get pre season or rating decay?

Is SE just going to let the feast die like they did with wolves den?

Because with this decisions it’s clearly going to end that way.

If they had been paying attention to the solo queue rankings they would have noticed a huge lack of activity for the past 2 months on all datacenters for the solo queue ranking.

That’s because people get high rating and enter top 100 and stop playing to secure a spot and that kills any of kind of competition or chances of new players that couldn’t play at the start of the season.

This is fixed in many other games by forcing you to play X amount of games a week or you lose your rating. Lets say 10 or 15 matches a week would be a nice number.

Also lack of preaseason means we can’t really experiment and try different jobs. If you don’t want to have more pre seasons for feedback or training why don’t you add a 4v4 training mode? 8v8 is clearly dead and it doesn’t work as a real training for 4v4 ranked because it’s really different both in map and how you deal with 8 or 4 players.

Also why did melee lose a pvp skill that has been from them for 2 years now? And if you are going to nerf melee lb you might as well get rid of all of them. Ranged lb isn’t even that bad and it can be devastating when it hits a full party or multiple players in both Frontlines and The Feast. If you wanted to add more variety to who would pick the adrenaline box this will clearly wont happen and now it will just be all boxes for ranged players.

That’s a ninja and monk buff tho. Nothing new for DRG. And well lets be honest Monk din’t need a buff. Nor did Ninjas burst.

DRG already had this from impulse rush. It just got removed. Now DRG’s have to waste another OFF Global cd just for it.

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