So what happened to the other WoL/Adventurers? (HW MSQ SPOILERS)

So the 2.0 story made a big deal about pointing out that were multiple Warriors of Light/Adventurers and even had you party with them for some of the final missions. Heavensward, on the hand, seems to indicate that you are THE Warrior of Light. No mention of any others or even the other adventurers. Hell, the story even goes out of it’s way to show you as the only person in a lot of the cut scenes.

So what happened to the other Warriors in the story line? Why were they cut? The post-credits scene seems to hint there are multiple Warriors of Darkness (“You and yours to join the fray”).

Well, firstly the whole origin of the term came about in regards to the original adventurers who fought at the Battle of Carteneau (whom Louisoix sent five years into the future) – due to a bit of aetheric amnesia no one could remember their actual identities or faces, with their faces silhouetted by a bright light, they just knew there had been adventurers fighting there. Ironically though, it seems from the perspective of a ‘new’ player’s story, these original Warriors of Light never returned, instead becoming an ideal to inspire others to take up arms in the defense of Eorzea and protect the weak and defenseless.

Accordingly, as a new adventurers proceeds through the 2.0 story, slaying Primals and assorted monsters, this starts to get much attention and draws comparisons with the ‘original’ Warriors of Light, to the point that Hydaelyn Herself addresses the player’s character as such after Lahabrea is defeated, and from then on, the original Warriors kind of fade into obscurity with the player’s character officially declared and ordained as one by all concerned – as “Eorzea’s champion”, nicely evoking that well known line from Answers – “look to those who walked before” (the original Warriors of Light) “to lead those who walk after” (the current adventurers to take up arms and fight for Eorzea’s future), and effectively carry on their legacy.

Of course if you were a 1.0 player who were lucky enough to get the ‘Legacy’ story (which is kind of shoehorned into the main narrative), then this does not apply – you always were a Warrior of Light, the one who slew Nael van Darnus and was there to take down the first summonings of Ifrit, Garuda and Good King Moggle Mog, with the amnesia to your identity as one of the original Warriors of Light from the Battle of Carteneau finally lifted by everyone in Eorzea at the same time in the narrative when a new adventurer is officially ordained as one.

But for all intents and purposes, to a new player or 1.0 player who didn’t complete 1.0’s story, the original Warriors of Light never return and their fates remain unknown and effectively irrelevant, given the player becomes the custodian to their legacy. They themselves might be forgotten, but their legacy, their actions, live on.

Not quite – the Blessing was first granted way back early in the storyline around level 5ish (when the adventurer first encounters that city’s resident Archon and had to slay some generic enemy – Gridanian adventurers encountered Yda and Papalymo and had to slay a group of berserk treants for instance) where the mandala materializes and Hydaelyn instructs the adventurer to seek out the Crystals of Light. The Blessing was actually the mandala and it’s ability to materialize the Crystals of Light – it’s fully powered up by the time it protects us from Ultima (and then is used for us and our allies to go all ‘Captain Planet’ on Lahabrea), but it was with the whole time during our adventure.

And it should go without saying the Echo is a completely separate ability which we first become awoken to right in the first few seconds on the game on their journey to their starting city – this was the same in 1.0 as well, new adventurers starting in ARR however were treated to an ominous vision of Lahabrea’s defeat as part of the deal though)

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