So when does the first houses become avaliable? SUGGESTION: FFXIV House

degradation timer

I have been wondering ever since patch 3.1 that, with the first implementation of the house degradation feature, where in 45 days of inactivity which is determined by not visiting your house, when will the houses first degrade anyway?

I find it odd people are saying it to be on Christmas, as 45 days away from when the patch launched, 9th of November, is the 24th of December, Christmas Eve. So, what time would the houses actually drop? Will it be at midnight, from the transition from 24to 25th, will it be at when maintenance first started, when patch went live, will it really be on Christmas?

It’s so frustrating that Square Enix won’t give us a proper answer or time to when the houses first become available. Because looking at it now, it’s making me think I have to prepare myself to spend all day on Christmas Eve/Day in the hopes of securing a property by camping myself outside a house in the hopes of it becoming available to purchase.
This is where my idea of allowing a visible House Degradation Timer on the placard of the property, underneath who owns the property. It tells you how many days, hours and minutes that property has left before it degrades. Once the 1st houses drop, it will become an absolute pain to keep track of which houses become inactive/close to becoming available on the market.

So please, can any mods/developers come to this thread and clarify about what time the houses will become available and please implement a house degradation timer.

I agree with you about the case that Square Enix shot themselves repeatedly over the housing situation, with no real effort to fix it. House degradation is a good start, as if I take a house and quit the game, with no intention of coming back, that house is permanently off the market, regardless of what you do. But the real issues is down to personal housing takes up the same space as free company housing, the fact that 1 account can hold multiple houses between personal and fc, the fact that there’s no support for 1 house between all alts on an account are much bigger issues than adding a timer.

I will still be on for Christmas Eve/Day, camping all day and night just for a chance to get a house for my free company in the first place because there’s no clear time when they will drop, which I feel would be a risk to health because of the extreme measures one has to take because of no clear indication. This is why I want a house degradation timer in the first place because then I can look at a house, see how long it has left instead of having to look up free company, ask around how long a person has left the game for, see if they changed their character in anyway, etc. So I can see what houses will be available when they open up.

Any and all systems that Square Enix will implement will be abused by the wrong sort of people. For example, Vote Kick trolling in 24 man content rings a bell, and we can report harassment/unjust kicks, the same thing would and can be applied to house degradation timers. Don’t blame the system, blame the player in that instance.

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