Some annoying behaviors and perceptions

I noticed some very annoying behaviors throughout my dungeons runs all these years playing this game.

The scared tank
The scared tank is usually a newcomer to the game or a guy who lvls a tank for first time. Now I will not speak about the very first dungeons but for those near 50 or above.
They usually standing some seconds before the mobs before they pull throughout the whole dungeon. Why you do this guys? Do you expect them to speak to you or smth? Just pull and don’t be afraid. There is no reason to stand looking at them for so long before you pull them every few steps. They aren’t gonna wink at you when the time is right. (I’m not talking for those situations when the tank waits for the healer to come near the group, or when someone is far behind or he has an emergency afk. I’m talking about those tanks who do it before every single group of mobs every time constantly.)

The runaway healer.
It’s this annoying guy who when he/she gets aggro of some mobs in a dungeon he is running the hell away from the tank, then complain when he eventually dies. Running away from the tank is a big mistake. The tank can’t pull the mobs back when you start running away from him. Tanks have no super running speeds to catch you up or ranged mass pull skills. Stay at your position and wait the tank to get them back. Move 1 or 2 steps only when you need to dodge AoEs. If he does not then you can rightfully complain all you want. But only then. Running a marathon inside the dungeon corridors is not smart or funny. It’s super annoying for tank, annoying for the dps who can’t dps with mobs the chasing you and ultimately a big mistake.

The DPS who ignores the fact that he has AOE skills.
I’ve seen a lot of DPS guys that completely ignore the fact that they have 1 or 2 AOE dps skills. Then when the tank pulls a group of mobs they just single target only one mob pretending a group of them was never pulled. Stop saying the nonsense excuse that your AoE is not good and only BLM’s and SMN’s must AoE. It is pure nonsense. I’ve been in groups with DRGs and NINs who were AoEing group of mobs pretty fast. You have those skills for a reason. Maybe your own individual skill is not strong enough as some skills from other jobs are but when you combine them together with the other DPS in your goup then you can down a group of mobs just fine. When you have more than 3 mobs its best to use AoE attacks. You don’t have to do AoEs in every single pull but do it when you have a lot of mobs. There are some dungeons where you can’t pull only 1 or 2 of them. There are many situations where you have to pull 5 or more mobs. Use all your skills and buffs. Don’t be so lazy.

The ghost people.
Those who never say a single word throughout an entire dungeon. Say just a Hello in the beginning. English is not your first language? It is not my first language too. You have an awesome Auto Translate feature too. Use it and be polite. Also when you are first time say it. For the love of god when you don’t know something and you need tips just ask for them. Nobody will crucify you or kick you out. I can’t read minds and guess who is the first timer when you try to hide it for whatever reason you believe you have to hide it. I can’t tell you the combat tactics when I don’t know for what job I need to give directions. Just speak.

Do you have anything else to add to this guys?
Sorry for the ranting post. I just always wanted to say those.

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