Some parts will seem overwhelming


Our FC consists of our four person family group only, two of whom play quite a lot, and two that play a bit less. We can field a Light Party for the group content, with a tank, a healer and two dps. We don’t plan on raiding, and our “end game” will be whatever group content is required by the storyline, and crafting and collecting.


Is it likely that we’d get enough usage out of an airship to invest in the Workshop and parts?

With only four (and only two who play a lot) is all of it going to be so expensive that we’ll feel overwhelmed by the costs or the farming for materials? Will progress be really slow?

Will the four of us be able to clear enough content in the Diadem to make it worth going? We aren’t interested in finding four or more other people to go with and obviously we’re not looking to do Hard mode.

The biggest problem you;ll encounter with the workshop is that all 4 of you need to be present to push any phases to continue working on pieces, its a coommon problem even a lot of larger fcs run into from time to time, and in your case worse if not everybody is on at the same time, you can always use ishgards airships, but it is kind of worth it to have airships if not for anything but the materials it brings back. The aetherial wheel, on the other hand might be much more of a godsend for a small fc that doesnt pump out millions of fc creddits a week, as you can get free FC actions every few days to conserve the FC credit spending. All in all, theyre pretty fun and nice to have just keep that in mind.

I founded a FC and built 4 end-game airships (eventually going to do a second FC with 4 more airships) with just 2 players. Some parts will seem overwhelming, but the investment pays off. My suggestion is to farm and avoid the MB when you can.

As far as gathering, 4 people in is more than enough. I do it with 2 (sometimes solo with Titan-egi to get the currants if I can get a friend to help me queue in when my FC mate is offline). I’m not sure if 4-manning the mobs in Diadem is viable yet, but I haven’t tried.

After the replies above–including yours–I think this is my main concern actually. For the two of us that play a lot, the gathering will be great. For the other two, there needs to be something more. I’m hoping that if we set the mode to “Easy” that we’ll be able to 4-man enough of the battle content to see success with the objectives.

Honestly, we have rarely seen other groups in the zone, since there is subjectively little of value there. We’ll occasionally see a few, but haven’t teamed up to kill anything tough. If your objective is to accomplish the assigned tasks and get some sky pirate spoils on the way, you should be fine with just 4.

We will typically go in, unlock flying, then send 2 people to look for buried chests and crystals while 2 others clear the DOL objective(s). Then pick a camp and kill your favorite target until time runs out (we like Tarantula Hawks and Crabs).

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