Soulglazing became really hard, despite the 3.0 change


Since I switched main war at the launch of the 3.0, but still haven’t the war relic, I decided to do it (just for glamour, I really like the Ragnarok skin). Here is a short summary to what I did up to now:

The Atma phase was rather fast, since I got an Atma every 4 FATE on average. Nothing to complain about this.

The book phase was a bit painful, but not for the what I was expecting. FATEs spawned rather quickly on average, Leves were a piece of cake and mobs also (only 30 per book now, instead of 100). The problem was the dungeons. Even as a tank, it was really long… I noticed several times more than 60 min waiting time for dungeons like Pharos Syrus. At the end, I just did solo-undersized mode the lvl<50 dungeons, and asked 1 or 2 FC buddies to help me for the lvl 50 ones.

The Alexandrite phase was very fast: we just need to do 15 Alex maps now in order to get the 75 Alexandrites. Since I want this relic for glamour only, I just bought cheap materias on MB.

Then came the Soulglazing phase, and this is a pain in the *ss… This is due to three factors:

– almost nobody is DFing lvl50 dungeons or lvl 50 HM primals anymore. Because these things don’t give xp.
– 3.0 contents don’t give light.
– undersized party mode doesn’t give light.
As a result, I made the full pre-light phases in less than a week, and I am stuck at the second stage of Soulglazing for three weeks now (2/10, since there are 10 stages…). Luckily, I already have the four items for the nexus->zodiac stage, but that means I will have to do zodiac->zeta right after, which is also the same painful light farming. I could make light with FATE or maps, but it gives a so low amount that it is, in any case, extremely time consuming (and boring). Am I the only one to have this issue?

There are actually three ways to fix this (I remind this old relic is for glamour only, since people leveling thru the 3.0 contents will have better weapons in any case):
– make the old lvl50 dungeons and primals more attractive, for example by a token or an xp reward (the roulette we have now is not enough, trust me…)
– make the 3.0 contents giving light
– make the undersized mode giving light

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