Sugggestion : Free Company Mail/Communications QoL

Major QoL improvments for FC communication.

Add the ability to send moogle mail to every FC member in a mass mail.
Add permissions so that FC Masters can grant officers tha ability to mass mail their FC too.
Create a FC buletin board in-game for company announcements and information.
Add permissions to allow for different levels of access to the FC notice board, allowing read only,write access and modification/deletion of messages on the board which can be set by the FC Master.

Currently thre is no real way to communicate with all FC members unless you have a very small group who all play at the same time. Without resorting to the use of external systems, FC masters/officers cannot communicate with the entire company. Even with external systems, many players do not use such systems, and having the ability to communicate in Eorzea would resolve that.

The current message size in moogle mail is also very restrictive and I would suggest quadrupling the character limit at least.

The Company Board message in the game allows for a very short message, but it is inflexible and not very good as a means of communication due to the character limit.

An in-game FC Notice board would replace or supplement the current Company Board message which serves more as a vision or mission statement reminder in any case.

I find it incredible that with all of the things we have in FFXIV, and the emphasis on Free Companies, we still have no way as a free company to communicate in this manner. Not all players play in the same time zone, or the same time of day, so the FC chat channel is unabkle to accomplish company wide communication. Even a game as old and comparatively simple as White Knight Chronicles featured an in-game email system for Guilds to use, it also featured in-game company discussion forums.

I feel that a major overhaul of these features would aid in strengthening both Free Companies and the comunity in general because it would allow players to communicate about in-game things while in-game, whether they play at the same time as others or not. Right now, the lack of communication of this type leaves players who play at differnet times feeling isolated.

Please consider these changes, or something similar to help Free Companies develope and strengthen their memberships.

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