Summoner Pet Emotes (Even if it’s just Carbuncle)

With the concept of Minion interaction getting around a good bit now (There are quite a number of minions that you can use emotes with since it’s release) would it be too much to ask if we could get SMN in on some of that action?

Now, I’m not talking about like, a /feed emote for our pets, though if they add things like this I wouldn’t complain. No, I’m talking more about emote that your summoned pet does when you do specific emotes.

Take for instance, Victory pose and Battle pose. I really like the addition of these poses and I LOVE how animated and emotive they can be, but for SMN, why can’t our pets do a jig, or have the Egi’s play their Enkindle animation during it?

I know that with pet glamours coming, there would be a lot of work to do with all of the glamour pets, which is why in the title I just mention Carbuncle. He is EASILY the most pushed and out there SMN pet, with multiple furniture, color variants that fulfill different roles, minions AND plushies bring sold with the in game ones at one point.

So if they were to make this a thing, I would be entirely fine if Carbuncle was the only or first one to receive something like this. He is the first pet you get along your journey and the one most players make a connection with, and I for one am happy to have him back at my side.

P.S. I know others are going to bring up that Blade and Soul does this, and I know. It’s one of the reasons I picked it up to try, but the thing that made me want to make this thread was a discussion in my server’s Novice chat that started when a sprout asked if there were any kind of pet emotes in the game and it kicked off from there.

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