Warmane Black Temple:High Warlord Naj’entus Base Guides

High Warlord Naj’entus will be the 1st boss encountered in the Black Temple. He features an incredibly bizarre appearance and is assumed to become a naga anomaly since of that. The fight is a gear verify, requiring higher stamina on the entire raid and well-equipped healers.

Patch 7.2.5 introduces a brand new mode of Timewalking – Raids! The very first Timewalking Raid accessible might be the fan preferred Black Temple, that will be open for the duration of Outland Timewalking.

The Black Temple could be the fortress-citadel of Illidan Stormrage, Lord of Outland. It really is original version contained tier six set pieces also as several notable things, such as The Twin Blades of Azzinoth. It is also known for supplying reputation for Ashtongue Deathsworn, easily earned by means of clearing the raid a couple of instances.

Timewalking Raids function differently than other raid troubles. They may be only available in the course of their respective Timewalking weeks but, as opposed to Timewalking dungeon, you have to assemble your premade group so as to enter the raid.

Immediately after you assemble a group of 10 to 30 individuals, it is time for you to enter the raid. In an effort to do so, the raid leader must travel to Shattrath City. There, she or he needs to speak to Forum, which stays by Capri side in the center of the city, to queue the raid group for the Timewalking Raid.

Make certain every person within the group has the quest Disturbance Detected: Black Temple, which awards 500 and requires you to finish the Timewalking raid, killing Illidan.

Just about every 20 seconds, Naj’entus shoots a large coral cone at a random raid member. The spine paralyzes and damages its target till it can be removed by yet another player by looting the target. This needs to be done pretty swiftly. It’s achievable to carry as much as 5 spines inside the inventory.

There’s a pair of Aqueous Lords just before this boss. They pull collectively (but separately from the boss) and will not be part of the encounter.

Raid composition:
One primary tank
7-9 healers
Usual mix of DPS (ranged preferred)

All raid members take eight,500 frost harm every 60 seconds, generating 8,501 HP buffed the absolute minimum requirement, but in practice ten,000 HP buffed are necessary, to offer the healers a little slack.

Classes which are likely candidates for combat rezzes (all Shamans and all healers) should really have at the least 8500 HP unbuffed. Frost resistance gear and [Major Frost Protection Potions] are certainly not a reputable suggests improving survivability. Everybody ought to have health potions and health stones, and don’t hesitate to make use of them.

Soon after a regular pull, the melee group sets up close for the boss, and all ranged classes distribute more than a big location, with every single raid member 6 yards apart from everybody else to prevent the frost AoE from Needle Spine. The melee group needs to split into 2-3 subgroups to reduce AoE harm.

Rogues want to help keep a complete stack of Wound Poison up on the boss to reduce its self-healing impact while the Tidal Shield is up. Other reduced healing abilities also perform, but don’t last that extended after final application and frequently put on off a few seconds after the Tidal Shield is up.

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