I just wanted to create a thread thanking SE for making a brilliant set of final cut-scenes! I’ve commented on the forums several times about wanting the story and theme to be more gritty and serious. Similarly to the Dark Knight batman series or for anime fans, Attack on Titan.

Not so much everyone getting their limbs separated from their bodies all the time but just the desperation of the main protagonists in what would seem like hopeless situations. I am very much looking forward to Heavensward and again just want to thank SE particularly those who had the most influence on the story conceptually and those who actually choreographed all the movements etc. Brilliant display of story telling and the visuals/lighting at the end were amazing!

In short, I’m glad and thankful to know SE still has its ability to create an exceptional story that causes me to actually care about the characters who are in it. From ff6 (haven’t played the others) to ff12 (seemingly even ff15 from the demo) you continue to carry on the art of good story-telling.

Ps. Just a suggestions, despite Yoshi-P’s comments, it would go a long way to have our characters do more in cut-scenes besides watch and kinda frown/smile. Really look forward to you guys actually having our characters fight in the cut-scenes or be more involved somehow someway. I know its alot of work. But I’m confident your team is skillful enough and your fans/supporters are worth the time and effort in your eyes. Thanks!

(My original thread was deleted for spoilers I guess? So here it is again without the spoilers)

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