Thanks for wiping out pvp queues again SE

3.1 brought with it Void ark, Diadem and hunts. Not only that, there have been no additions made to PvP at all. Basically, give people a mean to earn easy gear and they’ll flock to it, even if it’s not fun.

What’s truly sad is that the pvp queues finally began to feel decent with the arrival of Seize. Overnight, patch 3.1 killed them. Also when I do join a match now, its a 8v8v8.

I just CAN’T get my head around how incompetent SE is towards PvP in their game. PvP is GREAT in ff14, I truly believe that. Yet its held back by a plethora of little things that could easily be addressed. For example, why they haven’t accommodated Seal Rock and Carteneau flats so they both can host all modes adequately still baffles me. Variety would be nice. Wouldn’t be rocket science either. I could address more points but I’m running out of characters here.

I’ll end this rant with this: We’re not a hard crowd to please. Give us cool locales, vanity items, quicker queues and simple modes on which we can fight each other over and we’ll be happy.

P.-S.: Stop promising changes years in advance (i.e. WD and queue changes)

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